View Full Version : Pretty Hilarious Therapist Behaviors

02-19-09, 07:20 AM
Does your therapist have any quirks?:p:o

You know how we expect athletes to be healthy and abstain from drugs?


Our presidents better air their dirty laundry NOW and keep their pants on when out of the house


We also put actors under the microscope

and the poor

Octolady-- can of worms since she's been interviewed

What about our therapists? Are they allowed to bring their mental challenges to work?:D

What would you think about an adhd (not ME, she was adhd) psychologist who kept messing your billing?<------YES this happened to me, lol

And what about psychiatrists who keep:eek: falling asleep while you speak?

When I was a younger a psychiatrist yelled at me :nono:What the heck? Yes, it s a true story. He ran out the room to fix his contact lens. Could've been the contact lens irritated him:rolleyes:

When I was even younger the psychologist drifted off and when I paused she came to.:(She had her hand down her blouse:eek:

They're people too right?


My current one was 45 min late one day. He's also the one that kept falling asleep.

I don't know whether I should show up with a cup of coffee next time or I should start shopping around again.

He's nice but I have to admit, it was very uncomfortable watching his eyes roll to the back of his head CONSTANTLY!:mad: