View Full Version : How much do kids help?

02-20-09, 12:08 PM
Sometimes it's like pulling teeth trying to get kids to clean up, or teach them some new chore, or to do it right the first time. It's so often easier to just do it yourself so that the headache will go away and you'll stop feeling frustrated with the kids.

At what ages are they capable of being taught and doing certain chores well. When my oldest turned 10 he became so much more helpful. He is very independent.

They're good kids mostly, they'll help when I say to, it's just so easy for them to get distracted. How can I get angry if I do the same thing? How can I get mad at them for a mess when I'm very cluttered myself? I'm not sure I'm asking them to help out enough. I don't know what is "fair".

What do you have your kids doing and at what age? What is working/ed or you?

02-20-09, 08:22 PM
My son started helping me dust when he was in kindergarten, and vacuuming when he could push the vacuum! You can start kids on the simplest of chores working alongside you at any age they are capable. You might have to tidy up behind them when they can't see you, but it's a learning process, and they'll get better at it, and learn a lot in the process. It's important that kids of all ages participate in what runs the household, even if they are not "good" at it.

During chore time when my son was younger, I gave him one thing to do at a time, then he came to me for the next thing to do. It helped to set aside a time and a plan. And "then" they can go do something fun because they earned it, and that helps speed them up a little too. Choreboards might help you too, so expectations are clear, then they can cross off what is done and feel that sense of accomplishment. If they are ADHD, this can help them learn other valuable skills down the road - like making a list, checking it, and crossing it off. You know, making sure things get taken care of.

Funny, my son is getting worse with his bathroom the older he gets. Bribery works now - he can drive me on an errand as soon as it's clean. Truly clean. Heehee!