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02-20-09, 11:56 PM
1. If you need to remember something in the morning, put a post-it note on the door, or a notepaper on the floor in front of the door.2. Ask a parent or sibling to remind you.3. Before you leave school check your backpack to see that you have everything before you leave.4. Don't rely on your brain to remind you... Write a note and hold on to it, constantly checking and reading so that you are more likely to remember.5. When trying to remember something for a test, make up a song or ryme to help you not get mixed up.6. Use past experiences as a lesson. Consequinces can be rewards, so think of them as lessons of life.7. Tye a string to your finger. This is an old trick and I don't recomend it if you get distracted easily, but if you dont then this trick is pretty handy.8. Go to advice sites like this one to find more info. NOTE- I appolagise that I didn't space out the bullets; my computer is old and messed up.

02-21-09, 12:47 PM
Thanks for this ! good idea for a post!

I usually put thinks in the task list on my blackberry but i forget they r there or forget to look!

02-21-09, 12:59 PM
Also i know someone who sticks post-it notes on her planner with todo's and homework written on so she sees it all the time !?