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02-23-09, 04:14 PM
Hi. I've been having trouble remembering to do my homework and do tasks I was told to. I was wondering if there was a planner you would recomend. I would perfer it to: 1. Be free, and not a trial that only lasts X amount of days. 2. Not be a memory hog. :-/ my comp is old and slow. perfered to not take up too much memory. 3. Not be complicated. 4. be able to function. Notice I said perfer. If possable, try to meet the requirements on the list. # 4 needs to be met, but the others are just what I would appreciate. If you help me I will forever be in your debt. ~~Katie

02-23-09, 06:34 PM
Google is your friend. I mean that literally. I use Google Calendar because it will email me or text me so that I don't forget things. I also use iGoogle because I can customize it to show me useful content. Have a look there first before you commit to a planner software.

02-24-09, 02:17 AM
YES! Try the google apps!
They do not reside on your computer, they are free, and they seem to be working quite well!

While I do not use the calender, my daughter does use it and the document one... she loves them!

I was able to find what I needed in my iPod Touch. I got mine as a refurbished from Apple, last year.
I also have a MacBook, so the two of them link together and share information like my calendar.

Have fun with Google!... if you try it.:D

YES! (said in my best Napolean Dynamite voice).. Great idea Tigger!:D

02-24-09, 02:23 AM
To reiterate what others have said. Google is your friend.

Google has mail (, tasks (, calendar (, and the desktop widget (

You can combine all together to do what ever you want. I like to use the Google Calendar, with the Google Calendar widget for Google Desktop to remind me to do non-essential tasks. For essential tasks, I use reminders in my phone.

If you're tech savvy, you can sync Google Calendar et al with certain phones, MS Outlook, etc.