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04-08-03, 02:38 PM
This is so good, it makes my mouth water just thinking about it.

Beef Brisket (for small brisket only use one bottle of dressing)
Italian Dressing 2 large bottles
Wrights Liquid Smoke (small bottle or half of large bottle)
Whole Pepper Corns (a hand full should do it)
Beer or Beef Broth mixed with other ingrediants to cover.
Bowl Medium sized
Large Container with lid to marinate it over night (I use a Plastic rectangular Craft Storage box, fits perfect on bottom shelf of fridge)

Mix Italian Dressing, Pepper corns and liquid smoke in bowl, stir until completely mixed.
Place brisket in container, pour contents of bowl over top. Pour Beer or beef broth (can be made with either Lipton beefy onion soup and 1 to 2 cups of water, wylers beef boulion 1 cube to 1 cup of water, or canned beef broth) until meat is covered. I like to use Red Dog beer(LOL that's the German in me :D ). Usually a quart is enough.

Marinate over night.

To Cook:
Wrap in foil tent folding the top down so you can open it and add a little more of the marinade as you cook it to keep if from becoming dry. Poke a few holes in bottom to allow the fat to drip out. and cook on grill until it becomes tender enough to tear with a fork.

This can also be cooked in the oven. Place foil wrapped brisket in a roasting pan with a rack. Being sure to punture bottom to allow fat to drip off. Bake at 350 degrees until tender enough to tear with a fork.

Serve with your favorite Potato Salad or use mine in side dish/salad section.;)


04-11-03, 05:24 PM
Sounds good Spirit!