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02-24-09, 09:59 AM
Ok i bloody hate my english teacher, he has assigned me an essay on codes on conventions of film and i need to describe them about minority report and what how its sci-fi ETC
if that makes sense too you then thats 1 of us

i hate essays anyway cus im crap at them, cus i cant put together a good structre and halfway through i always restart because its a mess, serveral times in exams i have restarted an essay!! they drive me crazy

but this essay is just ridiculous, i have asked him for extra help and if he can explain it more, but hs one of those teachers who thinks he knows everything and just throws a load of garbage at u that makes tons of sense to him, but to me its jst like :eek:

do u stuggle with essays too? any tipsssss on how you write them better or what plz!

03-06-09, 02:08 PM
Usually having an outline of what the paper needs that helps me. It's a pain in the butt do write one out a head of time, but it's the structure that helps. It tells me what I need to get done.

Have you tried that?

03-09-09, 06:18 PM
Definitely the outline. If it helps just write down the things you've got to cover ahead of time. Also, here in the US we have a system for writing five-paragraph essays, which I find is rather simple but works well for shorter papers.

Paragraph one-Introduction. Write the thesis (or the main statement) of the paper. Write how the subjects of the three following paragraphs are going to support that thesis, listing the subject of the next three paragraphs. (Ie, Students with ADHD often have trouble writing paragraphs, but can be helped with a selection of tools. These tools include an outline, the five-paragraph-essay system, and a word processor with grammar and spelling check.)

Paragraph two-This is your first supporting paragraph. The topic was mentioned in the last line of your first essay (most of the time) and supports your thesis. (Ie, The outline is a powerful tool for those with ADHD or who are simply unorganized or new at writing essays. By setting down ahead of time the things that must be covered in the paper, the ADHD student is not forced to go back and rewrite and re-rewrite sections of the paper due to disorganized writing. Blah blah etc.)

Paragraph three-Second supporting paragraph. (The five-paragraph-essay system is another excellent tool, and is taught widely by the US public education system. Etc. so forth.)

Paragraph four-Third supporting paragraph. (The final tool that most ADHD students should not go without is a decent word processing software, with grammar and spelling check. This helps eliminate double words, improper usage, spelling mistakes, and even some stylical errors that many ADHD students are prone to.)

Paragraph five-Your closing paragraph. It's almost the same as your first paragraph, amusingly enough, just wraps up everything you said in the paper. (So due to their higher functions disorder, ADHD students may have a very difficult time writing essays. This is not their fault, and can be assisted by certain tools discussed in this paper. An outline, five paragraph essay system, and word processing software can all help the ADHD student do well and possibly excel at writing essays.)

I know it's a bit to remember, but honestly it's the only way I can write school papers. Otherwise I go off into tangents, miss topics, deemphasize facts on accident...the list goes on. X3 I hope it helps!!! You can PM me if you want me to explain further.