View Full Version : perfume and cologne hypersensitive

02-24-09, 11:15 AM
I find my Adhd really hate heavy sensory issues with colognes, perfumes or even candle that hold a real heavy scent any others like that? Is there a way to adjust or do you just not wear cologne and ask cloth others to not wear it either.

02-24-09, 02:20 PM
I have terrible fragrance sensitivites too, but I don't think it has much to do with ADHD itself. When I'm in trouble, I have to leave the presence of the fragrance. I would be careful telling someone about it, I've had it happen where they wore MORE and more often. It usually takes an hour or two or more to recoup from a fragrance I'm trapped with, and fragrance sensitivites, if an allergy, can and will get worse over time of exposure. I know that I am considering seing Allergy/Pulmonology about my issue.

What kinds of reactions do you have? Headache? Upper respiratory?

02-24-09, 02:24 PM
I can't stand that stuff either.
I don't use cleaners at home that smell, if I can avoid it.
I don't use soaps or shampoos with fragrances.

Also, the cleaning agents they use at my hospital, make me sneeze a lot when I first walk into the place for an early morning shift - that's when they do their heavy-duty cleaning and leave the surfaces they clean.. wet. They have to let the disinfectant dry by air and not by wiping it aways... longer contact time to kill those little bugs.

I always wondered why I sneezed like I did only in the early mornings, and only when I went into the hospital.

And I CAN'T STAND those magazines with those little perfume blocks!:mad:

I try to avoid people with heavy perfume. If I had to work in an environment where people around me did where that stinky stuff.. I'm afraid I'd have to either ask them not to wear so much, or find another job... #42, #43, #44....

I have never linked this to my ADD/HD, and I see no reason to do so yet.

02-25-09, 11:20 AM
I spoke to a few doctors both clinical and homopathic that say its a real adhd sensry issues. Mine is mostly real heavy smell perfumes, candles and loations.

It makes me feel tnese and angry like I am on edge no allergic reaction. it like if you get a maasage I have to have lotion not oil that they rub me with. The oil makes me edgeya nd nagry insdie as well

04-11-09, 08:47 AM
i am pretty sensitive to smell from deodorants and perfumes, etc. as well, but they can be highly pleasant, too - or they can induce pain, or they can make me gag, or they can make me feel like i cannot breathe anymore. totally depends.