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04-03-04, 03:13 PM
.....applied a new surgical approach to the treatment of Tourette Syndrome, resulting in the immediate and nearly complete resolution of symptoms for the patient, who has suffered from this neurologic disorder since he was a child.

Please watch the video on Jeff which is on the link.

04-03-04, 04:17 PM
I'm glad they found a way for him to be good! I'm happy my tics aren't that severe!

04-03-04, 07:41 PM
Let us all be happy for the miricals of science for this Jeff fellow


04-03-04, 09:09 PM
I saw this guy on one of the network morning news programs. Apparently this treatment, while it is still conisidered experimental for Tourettes, should be becoming more widely available soon. The reason is that it uses existing, and previously tested technology, just for a different application. That is some great news.

04-04-04, 02:44 PM
My tics are not that severe either. They were very bad at one point and I thought I could no longer work. But Jeff ticked in his sleep and I don't know or think I ever did that. But if I was not sleeping, I was constantly ticking non-stop.

My tics are not as "hard".....they are softer and smoother and I also have to hold and squeeze muscles, which is very difficult.............but I could never imagine having to drink from a sippy cup......

I am so happy for him. When I saw the first part of the video I just start crying........It is a miracle of medicine.

Yes Flakey, I also think something similar is being used for Epilepsy.

04-04-04, 03:19 PM
I have tics in my arm. I throw my arm out. It's very stressful, I know HOW my body does it and can stop it, but if I'm in a public place and I'm stressed (like at work) or forget to stop it, I can't help it and then the arm goes straight out and up. I almost hit my shrink when I was doing the TOVA-test. You know, I had to push the button, and when I did my arm flew out and *luckily* missed her by 10 cm. I've also hit my husband by misstake! :o

When I finally found something about tourettes for the first time on the internet I started crying. It was amazing. These things have a name! Me and my husband almost divorced because neither of us understood anything. I accidentaly hit him (because of tics) I felt totally nuts because I was making piruettes while walking, spitting in the car, whistling, humming and shouting! And ofcourse it all got worse the more we fought!

I don't know if I tic in my sleep. My husband tells me I roll all over the bed and I don't wakeup where I fell asleep. When I was a kid I often fell out of my bed. I DID have a little wooden "fence" about 1 foot high, but somehow I got over it too. I always kicked the wall and hit everyone sleeping beside me. My mom said it was like sleeping in a mixer!

10-18-04, 02:13 PM
I've hit the walls with my head, fists, and elbows, from ticking in my sleep. Some days I use a sippy cup, because when I'm very stressed, my arms starts ticking or my hands flap. Pens, markers,remotes going flying across the room, and drinks get dumped in my lap. Not fun.

I almost cried when I saw Jeff ticking like that. I can't imagine being that way 24/7. Its great that he is doing so much better.....


10-18-04, 03:44 PM
I met my brother's father-in-law while in Nashville recently and he has what I think this article is referring to (Deep Brain Stimulation -DBS).

He explained his operation for his Parkinson's as a heart pacer for the brain. There are wires running from his chest to his brain that give off intermittent impulses (minor shocks).
I think this is fantastic, in my opinion you could barely tell this gentleman was afflicted with any problem

My son does tic in his sleep this was another reason (besides this great forum) I was convinced he was not doing his tics 'on purpose':(.

His tics are now vocal also with humming and the raspberry (blowing bubbles is another description). I just know he'll get in trouble at school when a teacher, yard duty or principal gets upset that this is 'acting out'.

I cannot force myself to watch someone else tic, when I read you all almost cried I'm just too primed for tears to even give it a try.

My son's head jerking tics are giving him frequent headaches, I'm surprised he doesn't get a whiplash.

We have an appointment with a neurologist and I'm praying for some guidance then.

03-01-06, 05:47 AM
I am so glad my tics are no way as bad as that. Yes, they hurt but they are no way noticable like that (apart from sometimes when I am alone). It was so great that he could finally live his life happily.

My tics aren't jerky like that either. They used to be but are now more 'held' and 'squeezed' (I sometimes feel small clicks in my joints when I do that - I hope that's not bad).

03-01-06, 08:44 AM
All i can say is be brave and look at this artical . the transfomation to this beautiful young mans life is phenominal and a great source of hope to those who suffer with this condition . By the time our small people grow and our gran kids arrive hopefullly surgery like this will be attainabe to those who so desperately need it. I cried also watching the movie a whole life and world now can be explored and experienced , a life without limitations and restrictions. And hope. Thanks for the link E bunny love Jess xxx