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02-25-09, 07:51 PM
NOTE- My laptop is old and doesn't work well. because of this, I would like to appoligise for the inconvenience in advance. I cannot do paragraphs or space words out more than 3 spaces. Why this happened? Im going to be honest. I have no clue.

02-25-09, 08:22 PM
We got a yorkie-poo puppy a few weeks about. He is soft, fluffy, and loves to kiss! He is about 2 months old and has brown, furry, floppy ears; Cute, eh? WRONG! We watched the movie "Marley and me", you know, the movie about the insane dog who misbehaves 24/7? Anyways, we watched it a week before we got this little so called "dog", and we joked about it then, "Oh, wouldn't that be cute if Andy is like this?" Yah, well im starting to feel a tad bit jinxed, 'cause this little "bundle of joy" seems a lot like Marley, but only a foot long. Think of a foot long sandwitch from subway, okay, now think of that, but hairy, smelly, and instead of you eating it, it eats you! Sounds like a lawsuit to me! So how was this a change for me I hear you scream? Oh, well instead of me coming home from school and jumpin' on the couch to watch some good ol' TV, Im stuck with picking up poop and running about a marathon around the counter to get away from a vampair! Yes, I said it! He is a miniature vampire from munchkin land! You should just see how he bites! He runs over and quickly snaps! by now it's all over. You just have to endure the pain, 'cause there's no way out. Then he seeps his teeth into the prey's soft, freash fleash, I'm sorry if this sounds like a national geographic film or something, but he literally "hunts you down" he's like a cat or something, how they sorta lift up their butt when they are "hunting". Anyways, were was I? Oh, yah! So he seeps his teeth into the prey's soft, freash fleash, and then he shakes his head real hard, and it leaves scars. So now I have, like 20 scars on my arms, wrists, and hands, and my friends think I'm, like, mad at life or something; which im NOT!!! Erm, correct me if I'm wrong, but who's house is this? How saved you from some country hick who was going to adopt you and name you tater? yah, that's what I thought.