View Full Version : please help me find a great psychiatrists in mi or a great website that reviews them

02-25-09, 08:42 PM
i am seeing a lack luster, does not care about his paients psy, and i dont need to deal with it anymore, miss dignosing me and not returning calls to myself and other paients.


help finding a good psychiatrists in michigan

Any sites that review psychiatrists with alot of reviews and alot of great psy

How do you find out which psy/doc your insurances covers, i have blue cross blue shield and not sure what kind but its pretty much the best. but how do i find that list of docs/psy covered by my incurance thanks

thanks everyone

02-28-09, 04:03 PM

05-27-09, 11:27 PM
What area of Michigan are you in?

05-27-09, 11:47 PM
Are you diagnosed yet? Is that part of the problem?

07-12-09, 12:17 PM
I usually use psychology today's website.

"Find a therapist"

Each therapist has a profile they have written and you can email them (through the website) to ask questions such as their method of treatment, insurance, etc.

07-12-09, 01:20 PM
Have you tried