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02-25-09, 11:33 PM
Hi there everyone!

I've just started writing a nonfiction book for kids. The title is "Hearing with the Amazing EAR, A Punny Guide to the Pinna (and beyond!)"

Anyone here ever wanted to know anything about an ear? :)

And on a seperate note, does anyone here write nonfiction? I love how it's essentially "find something to hyperfocus on and then write a book on it." Easy. >D

02-25-09, 11:56 PM
Neat! I loved books like that when I was a kid. Curious George was boring.
I've been wanting to write a book on dog training for kids one day, among other things...

06-02-09, 01:37 PM
Actually, I've been toying with the idea of doing a non-fiction book. I've always written fiction for entertainment for myself. Non-fiction writing has always been technical writing, marketing materials and software instruction manuals. I enjoy writing and as it becomes easier and easier to self publish, I figured it would be great to do a non-fiction, non-software book.

So "cheers" to us and our non-fiction ;-)

06-02-09, 09:04 PM
i don't write but used to have a talent for it when i was a kid.....could you start something off then others can join and either do a sentence or two each(maybe even paragraphs?))