View Full Version : Day 7 of Zyprexa Zydis 5mg...

02-26-09, 03:44 PM
And I have to say that the changes are wonderful. I have to say that I'm noticing some changes already and it's only been a week. I've noticed that my sleep has improved on this medication and that I'm able to concentrate better. In regards to the sleep first, I go to bed last night @ 10pm, I'm able to get to sleep by 10:30pm or even before, I got up and the clock said 4:52, but I went back to sleep almost instantly and then I didn't get up again until 7:30am. I'm able to focus better. While I can't multi-task (never was able to), I'm at least able to focus on the current task at hand. In terms of my thinking I wish it would start helping with that a bit but I guess that will take a little bit longer. I'm still a bit restless and I know I don't get that side effect with Zyprexa Zydis 5mg but Mom noticed it's subsiding so something good is happening with this medication. I'm just so greatful I mentioned something to the doctor when I did because I'm slowly getting back to stability again. I guess once the Abilify get's itself out of my system, and the Zyprexa Zydis builds in my system things will just get better and better. I will update you on my progress futher as more comes but those are the changes I've noticed. I'm so happy that things are looking for the better thus far and I hope they continue. No hearing voices, no seeing things, no suicidal or homicidal thoughts, stuff like that either so all is well, I'm so proud and I know my doctor will be too...

02-27-09, 02:25 PM
Night/Day 8: Sleep is still improving yet again. Went to bed @ 10pm and I heard the TV go on @ 6:30 am (no getting up in between) and I got back to sleep after my brother got up and turned the TV off right away (somehow we can use our TV as an alarm clock). Then Mom came in to get me up @ 7:30am and I went back to sleep and then she had to get me up again @ 8am and then I got up. I know I sleep good on this medication.

In terms of my mood, it is still stable. As I said before I'm so glad I contacted my pdoc and got off of Abilify and back onto this medication because the changes are great. The restlessness/akathisia is starting to calm down now as the Abilify comes out and the Zyprexa Zydis comes in.

Haven't had side effects from the Zyprexa Zydis just like before, so that's good. I thank god that I don't get side effects from the medication. I'm doing more things again. I've been able to get around and go out so that's a plus.

I've been less anxious today than I've been in the past so that's another plus.

I've also been able to establish a daily routine around the home so that's been very helpful for me and I guess those around me.

I've also noticed today that I've had fewer racing thoughts and clearer thinking and that I've been able to not have all the "cobwebs" like I had yesterday especially with the "scare (" like yesterday. I feel much better now.

I just like all these changes that I'm getting in just this short amount of time. I hope it stays this way long term and I hope I can continue to feel this way so that I can keep myself and my doctor proud. It's been a long 2 years since I've been on this medication and I'm glad to be back on it...

03-02-09, 09:40 PM
Hi! So happy you are feeling better on Zydis....yay!