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02-25-09, 06:29 PM
Ok, first off let me just tell you right now, I was unable to make stanzas in my poems because the spacing on my computer is messed up because of it being old and whatnot. so anyways, I appolagize in advance for that. If I can I will try to get on my moms computer and fix it.

02-25-09, 06:44 PM
Title- Carpe Diam inspired by the movie a dead peots society. Don't breath to live, live to breath. you'll never really see the towers, you'll never really smell the flowers, 'till your last day here on earth ...and no one really cares... Don't breath to live, live to breath. 'Cause life ain't waitin', and people keep changin'; ...and no one really cares... don't breath to live, live to breath. Theres so much to do, and so much to see. Time's flyin'; ...and no one really cares... Don't breath to live, live to breath. Generations pass, generations are born. people are suffering; ... and no one really cares... Don't breath to live, live to breath. So many count the days, hoping for the end. Loosing possabilitys for a real future. ...and no one really cares... Don't breath to live, live to breath. 'Cause lives are fadin' fast, and some people are dispised ...and no one really cares... Don't breath to live, live to breath. When life is a ticking time bomb, and loved ones say goodbye, carpe diam. ...I hope you care...

02-25-09, 07:22 PM
Title- How could something so small be so beutifull? I lay on my blanket and stared into the sky, watching the stars as they twinkle and fly. Like a blanket with holes, the light shown through. I named thoughs holes after my brother sister, and mama too. I lay there, hipnotised, looking at one little star. I couldnt believe it. so bright, yet so far. Suddenly, the world stopped. nothing mattered. I was a star. I flew in the sky, far, far, far. In the sky you don't need anything. you're not hungry. Your not afraid. In the sky the moon looks differant, as pretty as jade. I lay on my back, just to float. It felt so calm, like I was on a boat. Maybe I'm a fool, making a fuss over a light, but they make pictures you see, it's a wonderfull sight! My eyes became heavy, the lights grew dim; but leaving my friends seemed too grim. I sailed on my boat back to earth, on that blanket I slept, but the memories I kept. So meet me in the sky some night, and we can go take flight. -Katie

02-27-09, 01:33 AM
:cool: Saying :cool: - Brightest star in the sky... There are so many stars in the sky, but only few that are bright anough to be seen. The rest are ignored, and often not thought about; but often it's thoughs stars who care the most, stay the longest, and value people far more than themselves. It just goes to show, you don't have to be "normal" be one of the most valued stars in the sky. From; a thread I posted a while ago, wanted to share it with you :]

02-27-09, 01:36 AM
:cool: Saying- :cool: When the power of love overcomes the love of power, we will then know peace. From; Me and my sister (of course, lol)

03-02-09, 12:01 AM
Love struck (one of my rejects ;))- You make me feel so ecstatic, the way you are so charismatic. I want to talk to you. you're so calm and true. Why must I be such a fool? I'm so crazy, when I'm close to you I drool. Please Accept me, gosh, I'm so annoying. I'm like a flea. When I pass you in the hall, I can't help but smile; You make my life worthwhile. So now I wonder, am I really in love with you, or in love with the feeling of love?

03-09-09, 08:15 PM
:cool: Saying :cool: Life is a flower of which love is the honey. From; My brother -Author- Victor Hugo

03-15-09, 11:53 PM
Title- Livin' La Vida Without the Loco (lol, had to use a ryming dictionary with this one!)~~ Days keep on goin' by, and I can't help but cry-- Where is my sanity? Could I just be vanity? Have I lost my mind? Am I evil or kind? Gosh, I'm so confused; but I must say I am bemused! What am I saying? Who cares? Why should I be the one who despaires? I'm crazy, insane maybe; but I'll tell you what, I like that, baby!

03-19-09, 10:17 PM
Title- Only a mother could love-- or not~

I was told to seek adrinaline,
To always seek the thrill
so why am I sitting-- crying-- failing...

A mother who just doesn't care...
I know she loves me. I-- know?
A father who is ruining his life...
He loves his flask more than me.

A pet-- who is dead...
How could I be so vain to screw this up?
A teacher-- who is dead...
Only knew him for only 2 days- at least it eased the pain

Nothing more can go wrong... I-- think.

One question hurts and aches;
Am I crying for them?
Or am I really cruel? vanity? harsh?
Am I... --Sorry for myself??--

Am I dead? Supposed to be dead?