View Full Version : slow cooker ranch beef sandwiches

04-08-03, 07:16 PM
2-4 lbs chuck roast

1 oz pkg dry ranch dressing mix

1/2 to 1 cup water (depending on the size of the roast)

Add all ingredients to crockpot. cover and cook on low for 8-10 hours or on high 4-6 hours. Serve on hoagie buns . Topping with Cheese and onions (optional).

Big even you can make this if you have a slow cooker, if not get one it's the easiest way to cook. I love mine and use it all the time. I set it up in the morning or before I go to bed and the meals make themselves.

04-10-03, 09:47 PM
sounds good.....and I love my slow cooker too

04-13-03, 11:58 PM
mmmmmmm that sounds good, ill have to try it sometime

concerned mom
10-08-04, 07:29 PM
I've got it in the crock pot .. so I will tell you tommorow how it taste if I die you know why lol .. I rarely try anyone eles recipes but it sounded great and I think it will taste good too

concerned mom
10-09-04, 07:44 PM
We liked it... hubby thought it was good but not great lol ........... he gave it a 6 ...... me and the kids give it a 8 ..... ...................

10 being the best food we have ever tasted