View Full Version : re-bringing up therapy

03-01-09, 08:47 PM
Here's my current situation. I'm currently not in therapy for any of my mental statuses (Asperger's, Bipolar, Anxiety History). My psychiatrist explained to me last appointment that I couldn't attain a therapist because I set too many goals and the goals I set relate too much to medications. But I want to be serious this time and want to give therapy a real chance to see if it will be of some benefit, especially for the anxiety portion of the equation. This would also be helpful so I'm not always running to my pdoc whenever something is wrong too (as I would figure).

I have an appt. to see my pdoc real soon as a matter of fact. (3/3; two days away). How can I bring up the issue again in a way that won't bring her up on the defence and may make her "try again" with the therapy option?

Thanks for the help,