View Full Version : Food for thought for people with learning disabilities.

03-02-09, 11:12 AM
Hello I just found this video on YouTube: I don’t know if members are allowed to post link to external sources but I just felt like this clip was definitely food for thought especially for people with learning disabilities.
</o>I realized it made sense, to a certain degree…
I hope that you will enjoy it

03-03-09, 07:40 PM
i find her very pusherrrry iam not shore who she issss but iam shore she means well! was quite upseting watching the way she was going at him

but good all the same to post it! sooooo others can see it

thankss posting

it makes for debates in life


03-05-09, 02:28 PM
Hello Dorm,
I just read your reaction to this post and I felt the need to explain why this video «struck a cord» with me. I agree with you that lady is pushy, but some of the points she made were of some validity in my case.
To make a long story short: I am a 33 year, old college and university graduate. I was an above average student and I had to work very hard to get these grades. Reading</ST1:p and writing are two of my major hobbies. While, I always suspected that something was wrong with my reading and writing skills, I never thought about the possibility that I might have dyslexia or add. I just thought that I was a bad speller, who needed to proofread more carefully.
Then, my professional life became a total mess, when I realized that I could not keep a job, I got tested and diagnosed with severe phonological dyslexia and as a «Bonus» ADD.
Ever since I was diagnosed, four months ago, I seem to have lost the joy of reading, because, l guess that knowing of and learning about this disability made me realize that I wasn’t actually reading words but more like recognizing them visually. That’s frustrating to me. The video also made me realize that the way I read is not «standard» for sure, but it has proved itself to be affective since I was able to graduate and read many book so far. So, why not continue… I am not saying I will not work to improve my skills. I got a sense that I needed to «de-dramatize» my situation and my feelings a little
Since the clip was useful to me, I believe that it might bring something to another member.<O:p</O:p

03-07-09, 11:33 PM
hey wiine thanks for relaying back and makes since in the wat you say it

yeh sheees very pushyt and very unhelpfull but you knowww you do the best you can knowsss itss hard knowsss reading issss lost itss spearj k for you nowwww but keep at it nbo matter what i do and its no easyer for me itherrrrr
but ou must look deep into ourself at timess likde rheise

and no i have no porblm with the vido i jiut dont like the lady""
at all but like you say if it helps just one peson then itss a good thing
hugsssss dorm