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03-02-09, 01:03 PM
We're working parents who live in the Philadelphia suburbs with our 8 year-old son and too many dogs. Our son has ADHD and other behavioral/emotional issues - play dates and such are beyond hard. He is bright and verbal and funny and sweet. He wants friends, but his ADHD makes all this social stuff really hard. He misreads social cues, is easily frustrated, and his social skills lag far behind his chronological age.

We'd love to get together with other (very tired) parents to network, *****,
brainstorm, and have (probably bad ) play dates. We'd so appreciate adult conversation with folks who won't hate us if our kid acts out-folks who understand that unstructured=unsuccessful.

We know there are families like us out there -we just haven't found many.

This nascent project is tentatively entitled "Seasoned Parents on the Brink".

It's not ADHD 101- It's more like a 400 level class for folks with
kids ages ?(4-11 ) who have (mostly ) accepted and understand the diagnosis; who recognize that the behaviors are often crazy-making and grown-ups need time-out, too.

This is for folks who (usually) know that ADHD is a brain-wiring issue that impacts executive function and ,despite what Aunt Mable said, ADHD is not caused by bad parenting or too much candy.

I imagine we'd get together (here?) at least monthly for informal parent support and play dates.

Ideally (I'm reaching here, I know), each kid comes with 2 humans -one to supervise while the other hangs with the adults. Older sibling or babysitters welcome- just need someone to pay attention to your kid so that it's not an ADHD festival (my son's term) and so tantrums/aggression are caught early.

"Here" is :roughly 25 minutes south of Center City, 20 minutes north of Wimington, DE;15-20 minutes from Bryn Mawr ;about an hour from Downingtown or Lancaster or Cherry Hill, NJ.

Please pass this along to folks who may be interested and/or might be able to spread the word.

Interested folks should email me -
please tell me your name , telephone number , child(ren)'s age(s)
and preferred meeting days/times.
Please put “ADHD Support Group” in the subject line.

Thanks in advance.