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03-04-09, 02:08 AM
I have recently been doing research into tics. This was brought up because I recently started taking adderal for add. I found the adderal did wonders for me but I started noticing tics. As I was looking for a link in between the two I found medical studies that debunk the theory of the med causing them. Trying to be open minded I took it for fact and started wondering if I was just going crazy or what. Then I started looking back and noticed that ever sense I was 5 (17 now) I had a neck bending tic. which was before I was diagnosed for add let alone put on any meds. The docs said it was allergies, which guess what, is a common misdiagnoses for tics. While looking over the lsit of tics I was shocked to find that I had or have at least 20 of them. 3 of which are chronic: Picking, toe crunching, and neck bending. Not to offally long ago I had a vocal tic (cough/grunting) which I had on more than one occasion. Having said that these were all things (except for vocal tic) that I accepted as part of everyday life and not having the attention span to look around and not see other people doing them everyday.

Does this sound a tad bit like TS or just some other tic thing?

03-09-09, 11:40 PM
I hate to bump my own thread but I can't stop obsessing about this. Anyone have any thoughts?