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03-05-09, 11:02 AM

I'm new here and I've recently been diagnosed with ADHD symptoms, depression and psychotic tendencies.

I've been hated at school, confused, lost, alone since my preteens, whats weird is i used to do well at school until a steady decline after 9th grade and then i failed 12th grade and i'm doing it a second time and i will fail again.

My decline started just when my family problems begun, my dad is a "pastor" with an income, he had schizophrenia paranoia and a nervous breakdown when he was in his thirties, and now he's 59. I'm 18 btw.

My parents hate each other to the bone and constantly express their hate for each other, they also don't want to spend their own money and want the others money to be spent, we've(i and my sister) have had times when there is no food or no school supplies, even though we can afford it.

So now he is the weird part, my IQ was 121 but the guys here took the test badly and I made SILLY mistakes in the test!!! Could my IQ be higher. I CANNOT focus on anything, BUT I love computer programming and I can persevere through it. Over 6 years i've studied computer programming on my own, i've learnt advanced programming, i then taught computer science and a world recognized institute at 17 and i turned into a Microsoft Certfied Technology Specialist in Windows Development before I was 18.

So the problem is no one beleives my "crap" they think i'm faking everything!! I get depressed quickly and tend to slit my wrist or hurt myself. (I dont want to kill myself though) The docs also havent' said i have got ADHD/ADD they say i've just got some symptoms because of the above, the list of 12 things for teachers seems to know me personally and I can relate to ADHD symtoms completely.

I'm also very fit, i swim, i was a camp counselor, i learn to be social by observation, i've also taught myself music. Piano guitar and violin.

Do any other guys have anomalies like this, where you have add/adhd but you can focus on something sometimes. Also they say i'm not hyperactive but i was restless and reckless when i was a kid, i've taught myself to stay put, i'm still quite impulsive and hate waiting/people that do things slowly etc... i usually shake my legs bite my nails or lips etc.

My meds were -> Zoloft or Lustral, Lithium, Antidep or Impramine, Abilify and Axepta(for ADHD) i went to another doc and he gave me only three meds 2 anti dep and 1 anti psychotic.I went back to the first doc and he added bexol (the thing for parkinsons disease but its used to treat the side effects of my other drugs) The names are a little different here.

Thanks so much


03-10-09, 01:15 AM
Hi and welcome, Gideon!

Being able to focus, too much, is called "hyperfocus". It's kind of like playing a song over and over in your head, 'cause it's stuck. Many of us hyperfocus on things we really like. For me, it's music, movies, reading and computer.

IMO, IQ doesn't matter. It's just a test to see how well you test. Many ADDers tend to make silly mistakes because we don't fully read a question, glossing over important details.

None of your post sounds odd or weird.

03-10-09, 04:29 AM

thanks for your reply, so you're saying the stuff i've got is normal ADHD stuff? Lol for me thats a little bit of relief! lol

I don't really trust the docs here in my country, they're a massive lack of proper facilities and training and as a result a lack of proper docs themselves. And the proper docs have their hands brimming with patients, my psychiatrist spends no more than 3-4 mins when i meet him!

oh btw, Axepta down here is Straterra or Atomoxetine, does it work well for anyone?

04-06-09, 09:14 AM
Hey there Gideon :)

You're dealing with a lot of things right now, and it's a real struggle to stay positive. But I would stick to the things that do make you happy, and focus on learning about your ADHD.

I also agree with what livinginchaos said about IQ. Also, remember that IQ really isn't a great measure of someone's talents, gifts, and abilites. Think about when you listen to music, go to a movie, or hanging out with your friends. None of those things rely on IQ to be enjoyable.

You also have talents, gifts, and special abilties just bubbling inside of you. I don't know what they are, and neither do you.. but if you don't get better, we'll never find out.

04-06-09, 11:13 PM
Seems like your going through somewhat of what I'm dealing with