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03-05-09, 11:07 AM
How is the housework divided up between you and your partner/spouse?

My husband works, runs the laundry (kids help put it away), and mows the lawn a few times during the nice weather. He also snow-blows the driveway.

I do the rest of the housework, shovel snow if needed, and homeschool the kids.

As I've testified, I'm pretty lousy at the housework and I try to get the kids to help. I'm interested in how other couples divy things up, what is fair since I am a stay-at-home Mom and he works hard all day, plus a consulting job (contract is for 5 hours a week, but I think he does more than that).

johnny s.
03-05-09, 11:22 AM
I take the kids out & play so my wife can clean in peace & quiet.

I promise not to return for usually about 4 hours.

And I cut the grass when she tells me & fix things she can't fix (when I can) so we don't have to hire a handyman or whatever.

And I make sure to clean up after myself & have my son do the same.

and I help take care of the baby whenever I have the energy to :D

03-05-09, 11:27 AM
the housework is divided 100%..

%100 to me
The rest of the stuff (like work and kids etc etc) was divided equally..

100% to me

03-05-09, 11:29 AM
That sounds fair Tracy, why didn't I think of that?

I promise not to return for usually about 4 hours.

LOL that's too funny, that and the "when she tells me to" part...that won't work around here, but I think it's cute when it works for others.

03-05-09, 11:43 AM
I think that's perfect..about time I got 100% at ~something~

johnny s.
03-05-09, 11:51 AM
I'm very lucky that my wife has accepted that I'll never be able to clean to her standards.

So picking up after myself, doing the man stuff she can't do, and taking the kids & getting out of her way is what works for us :D

p.s. I work full time and my wife substitute teaches a couple days a week occasionally so she has more time that me to take care of things.

03-05-09, 11:52 AM
We don't have kids, so it's a lot easier for us. We have a gardner that does the big stuff, mowing, raking and keeping things trimmed up.

Me: Vacuuming, dusting, bathroom and kitchen. My laundry. Most of the cooking. Grocery shopping. I tend the gardens, because it's something I love to do.

Him: Windows, his laundry (and all the towels), trash duty, fix-it stuff, fireplace cleanings. Household goods shopping. He also does a great job of keeping things picked up and put away.

We: Spring cleanings, changing bedding, and we do each other's laundry when we can.

03-05-09, 12:09 PM
My wife and I split things up as needed. Since she works nights and I work days I try to do as much as possible. I do a laundry every night. We clean what the other doesn't that week. Sometimes I do the bathrooms etc and she does the living room and such and vice versa.

We split the child watching 50/50 also of course. I get my daughter every night and she gets her all day.

mADD mike
03-05-09, 12:47 PM
Well, since my wife and I clean for a living, for other people, our own house is the last thing we want to do, lol. I can tell you how we clean for other people, and that works great. As for our own house, with both of us having ADD and traits like procrastination, wanting to do things that are stimulating (not cleaning, especially after doing it all day), etc. , those things kind of get in the way. We are also just tired all of the time, from horrible sleep patterns and hard work during the day.

We hire someone to keep our lawn cut and trimmed. I work on cars and household repairs as I have the time and skills to do, and hire people otherwise. She cooks occasionally, cleans dishes on a more regular basis than I, but when she neglects it for a while and gets overwhelmed by the sheer volume that needs to be done, I typically go in one day and knock the big pile out. We play games, and the loser has to take out the trash that week, lol. Anything else, like floors, bathrooms, dusting, etc., that just gets done when we can't stand it anymore and one of us decides to get up and do something about it.

Wish I could say we did better, but it is what it is, and that is our life.

Edit to add: Oh, better give my wife props for her laundry duty. She does a fantastic job, as between our cleaning rags and our clothes, she has a lot to do. That is a lot of work, and she has to do some pretty much every day. She also does the grocery shopping, when we actually go, which is every week for a few weeks, then once a month, etc. We eat out a lot.

03-06-09, 12:44 PM
100% house work - me.
100% laundry- me
Penny can't do much be help clean the yougurt containers
after I have my yougurt. !!!! She love yougurt, broccoli, apples, carrots.

Since I live in a small apt, everything is mine.... 100%!!!!!! UGH, help I need a house cleaner.

oh except the dog bed, toys and food. But I do buy them....!