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Black Razor
03-08-09, 01:33 AM
Ok, it's set up now. (reference this post) (

I set up an online database of books about ADD and ADHD. You can find it here. I really need suggestions to add to the database.

03-08-09, 02:02 AM
I've got a dozen or two titles...but no clue how to do what you are asking...

Black Razor
03-08-09, 02:44 AM
I realize that like any ADDer I can of course sometime assume people understand what I mean without explanation. Well, I was wrong. Here is my explanation for everyone. Sorry for the confusion.

I'm looking for all of you to tell me what your favorite books are on the topic of ADD/ADHD. It doesn't matter what the books specifically address, and they can be on any particular topic within the subject of ADHD.

What matters is that its a good book. It could be to help teachers, parents, adults, kids, anything as long as its not a crappy book. Now, I realize that it's hard to say what is a good book. So, for my purposes generally it means its very well written for its intended audience and has reliable information.

You all can just post your recommendations here in the forum and I will add them to the above referenced database. Go check it out and go back often as it will grow and change.

03-08-09, 01:17 PM

03-08-09, 03:03 PM
Might as well put on Driven from Distraction.

Black Razor
03-08-09, 08:24 PM
Hehe, true to your name I see, Impulsive71. LOL. It's already on there. Anything else? Where is everyone on this topic? It's as if no one reads, lol. :cool:

03-09-09, 11:06 PM
Sari Solden - Women with Attention Deficit Disorder