View Full Version : Has your ADD effected a relationship you've had?

03-08-09, 05:41 PM
Title kinda says it all, but in addition has the medication ever effected your relationship too?

03-11-09, 10:32 PM
I know i'm not a teen, but used to be one darn recently a couple years back. I've had relationships both off (and now just recently on) meds.

For me, ADD effects the relationship regardless on or off meds, but a bit differently than the other. My forgetfulness and illogically constructed priorities and procratination is always continuously taken as "ignoring and not paying attention" to a girl, and has always caused problems.

Many guys/girls know what i'm talking about, but I found my biggest problem is distraction WHILE with my significant other. She'd see my visual attention drawn to something going by, and would usually see it as being a girl walking by (but it ALSO happens with other things none the less), and question my loyalty and commitment to her, which has never crossed my mind to jump past that boundary of even flirting with another person while still in a relationship.

That ALWAYS results in arguements and stress in relationships. So yes, my answer would have to be: YES add effected a (and all) relationship(s) i've had. :o

06-11-09, 02:53 PM
I am not yet DX'd but I've had one appointment with my psych and she says it is very likely that I have ADHD.

So I can't comment about meds but the ADHD side of things certainly does affect my relationship!

The fact that I am so disorganised and easily distracted means I am almost always late for meeting my boyfriend. Or I'll be so busy doing something (kind of hyperfocused) and he'll want me to meet up, and I'll finish what I'm focused on first without thinking.
I act and speak before I think which speaks for itself really as to how that affects relationships! :p
My lack of motivation is another thing, too. What really bugs me is my boyfriend uses the term "lazy" which I hate and it really gets me down :( He knows I probably have ADHD and that motivation is a big issue for people with it, plus forgetfulness, being distracted etc etc can make the person seem lazy. But it's not that I'm lazy. I forget to do things, I get distracted on my way to doing things or instead of doing things. So the reason I didn't do the dishes isn't because I'm lazy, it's because I forgot like 10 seconds after being told to. Or I meant to but got distracted by the TV, or my cats, and what do you know, one hour later I still haven't done it!
It's sort of funny in a way when you look at it like that, but it's frustrating too, and when people are just ignorant of the troubles us ADHDers have and refer to us as useless and lazy...GRRR it makes me want to punch them :eek:

I'm gonna take a quote from Doctor Who (well not a direct quote but I'm taking inspiration from it :p). Where they end up in a parallel universe, he refers to it as a "Gingerbread House" aka full of temptations and distractions.
Well I say that is what ADHD is like :D or the Honeydukes sweet shop in the Harry Potter series. Life for an ADHDer is crammed full of temptations and distractions and chatter and noise and chaos and craziness and a tonne of forgetfulness...but we are NOT lazy!