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03-09-09, 11:59 PM
Hi everybody,

I just got Microsoft Outlook 2007 today and I'm completely lost. The only reason I got Office was so I could use Outlook to send texts to my phone to remind me about appointments. Forgot to check if this was even possible. :o Anybody know?

Also, has anyone elses' computers started acting possessed after loading Microsoft Office??? :eek:

03-10-09, 02:04 AM
Thought about Google Calendars? It'll send text message reminders to your phone.

I'm not aware of Outlook 2007 having this feature straight out of the box. In fact, when Outlook isn't hooked up to an Exchange server, it's pretty much bloated and useless.

03-10-09, 02:15 AM
Google is making some big inroads with combining calendaring, contacts, mail on mobile devices.

As of today you can:
- sync your google calendar, mail & contacts to a Windows Mobile device, or iPhone. You can also download a client that does all sorts of funky alerts for your calendar.

- sync your contacts only to anything else.

I'm really waiting for syncing capability to my Nokia phone for everything.
IMHO, this'll be the killer app. Fully synced up calendar/email/contacts no matter what device you have. Really cool.

As for your computer acting strangely after installing Office, there's a whole gammut of reasons why this would occur. All the way from patch levels to corrupted software to virii. Take it to a capable techie in your area. :)

03-10-09, 02:36 AM
I'm really waiting for syncing capability to my Nokia phone for everything.
IMHO, this'll be the killer app. Fully synced up calendar/email/contacts no matter what device you have. Really cool.

Rumours are the Mail for Exchange helps, but I've yet to get it to work properly.

03-10-09, 11:02 AM
Argh. So it's fairly useless. OK. Le sigh. As for the computer having anger issues, the poor little thing's been dropped so many times over the last two years that I've lost count...and I'm fairly sure it had virii (is that the real word? Oh my gosh that's cool!) for a while, so it's probably messed up from that too.

It is however going to Geek Squad soon for the physical damage (screen's about to come off) but my warranty doesn't cover software issues, so if it's that bad I may just say screw it and get a new one. I mean, they want $70 to run a full diagnostic; I've already uninstalled and reloaded the OS once, and I get the feeling that they'll just want to do that again before they do anything else to see if it fixes it and to get more money out of me. >:C

I'll look into Google Calendars again...y'all mentioned it before and I gave it a passing glance because I was going to have to get Office soon anyway and thought I could just use Outlook. My bad, I'll be more thorough this time! :P

03-10-09, 12:01 PM
I use outlook to sync with my Windows mobile phone and it works great. I set up my calendar with appts and set up tasks and sync them all the time. I like it because my reminders pop up all the time. If you don't have a windows mobile-smart phone though you may be out of luck.

As for it acting strange, it shouldn't. go to office update on MS' website and see if there are any critical updates. That may fix you up.

03-10-09, 12:46 PM
Hey kettish
I don't use outlook unless I have to.
I use my verizon voyager phone calendar app to keep track of my appointments. Use the phone app first then the computer second as reminder :)

03-10-09, 01:38 PM
Kettish, if you can avoid the Geek Squad, do it. If you can avoid anything Microsoft, do it. If you have the option of returning Office, do it. I can PM you a list of open source alternatives that both run and function better without the hefty price tag.

When Vista was released, I bought a Mac Book Pro. I have an old XP box too but haven't booted it in ages.

Give PCLinuxOS a look. It is so similar to XP it's almost scary. The download package has a Live version which is a cool way to "try before you buy" as it were. You simply boot from the CD and it loads the OS into RAM. You can use your computer as you want and when you are done, eject the CD and power down. The next time you boot, you are back in MS land. I use Live CDs when I am researching because it is a safe way to use the Internet.

Open Office will allow you to share documents and spreadsheets with both Microsoft and Mac users. I use Neo Office which is the Mac version and have no problem with anything I send. The GUI has the same look and feel as Office so there is really very little learning curve.

If you want a hand, feel free to PM me.

03-10-09, 01:49 PM

That one's definitely going in my

03-11-09, 12:24 AM
cdub998, I just installed it yesterday and it's been running since then-no updates that I'm aware of, as I set my comp to automatically check and update (I always forget otherwise).

Impulsive79, thanks, I have Tmobile though which is supported under Google Calendar so I'm giving that a try.

ADHDTigger-I would avoid the Geek Squad but my comp's warranty is with them, as since I dropped it the other day and the screen's about to fall off... :P It's gotta go back in one more time before I commit to buying another computer.

I'd love to have a macbook, but they're so darned expensive! And I'm always dropping seems like a bad idea, lol. Oh, and I got Office 07 for only $50 through the PX-"Military Appreciation Edition" or something like that. Who knows. Hm, maybe a used mac would be a good idea? Less expensive, better? If so I've definitely got to get the Neo Office, as some publishers want manuscripts submitted as an attachment, and they'd get all upset if it wasn't in MS Word!

I'll PM you in a bit about that, I hadn't though of a used Mac previously but I'd need help with the Live version; I do a massive amount of internet research so that'd be a good thing for me.

FinallyAnswered-ISN'T IT?? Egads I love words so much. Virii just looks cool. :D

03-11-09, 12:43 AM
Oh well, make sure you back up your puter before sending it to Geek Squad. And remove any personal docos, because they'll snoop through your PC.

03-11-09, 12:52 AM
Egads I love words so much. Virii just looks cool. :D

Yup, pity it isn't the plural of virus (, it's viruses. People think that if the word ends in -us, the plural is -i, but not so the case (

03-11-09, 01:00 AM
Driver-done and done, that's SOP for us when we take 'em in. We got a nice little 500gb external that we throw everything onto and then wipe the docs. And I know...English language is my nitpicky thing...but it just loooooks cool, y'know??

I got this excellent book called 100 Words Every Word Lover Should Know. Totally worth it. Glossolalia and susurration. Mmmmm. *rolls them around on the tongue and enjoys*