View Full Version : ADD/ADHD / Sensory Summer Camp Orlando Area

03-10-09, 01:06 PM
Is your child ready for Kindergarten or 1st Grade? Does your child still want to play instead of sit at a table or a desk? Does your child struggle with attention, focus, and task completion? Is your child sensitive to schedule transitions or change of plans? Are you looking for a superb summer camp to bridge your child to either Kindergarten or 1st Grade? We are offering just that! Certified teacher with Master's Degree is working with Occupational Therapist to set up a summer program to help youngsters transition to those important elementary school years. Camp is limited to 6 children per 4 week session (4 weeks - Kindergarten Readiness, 4 weeks Step Up to First Grade). Students will work on social skills, academic readiness skills, and developing self-esteem and be ready for school. Curriculum consists of academics being infused with lots of movement and hands-on sensory learning. Please contact us by email for more information. We are happy to answer any of your questions or send you more specific information. :)