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03-12-09, 02:44 AM

I am OCD and ADD. I am currently job hunting, among other projects, and I am looking for recommendations planner/organizer software. Preferably something free!

I use OneNote for stuff, excel for stuff, and of course plain old word for other stuff. But for some reason, none of them seem ideal for job hunting. Excel is too rigid (for putting in notes for a specific job I am applying for), OneNote is the opposite (a little too open-ended, difficult to create a clear section for deadlines or other concrete details), and word .... sort of just sucks.

I am going to do some research, but I was curious if some fellow ADD and/or OCD people had some interesting preferences. Perhaps there are some techniques or features in One Note or Excel that I might just been overlooking that you find particularly helpful?


03-12-09, 01:02 PM
planner works well for me. It also has side "todos" on each page so I can write something random. I like it better than the computer because I can forget I even have a planner on there and not use it where as if I take the book around me with me everywhere i'm more likely to remember to use it. It helps always having it with me because an idea can disappear within seconds in my mind and it helps when a friend asks me to do something and I can make sure i'm not busy....... basically, that's what planners are for!

03-12-09, 02:00 PM
Yup! Same here! I went as far as designing my own planner for a PDA/laptop. Wow, that took me some time! Then I went through the internet, etc. for other programs and stumbled across Outlook - get this - on my comuputer. I am using that to arrange and tidy up my planner notes because I am so easily distracted by my own mistakes.

I've also thrown in the best ideas from "Seven Habits...," "First Things First," and "Getting Things Done."

The bad new is I don't know if it works yet. I'm starting it today.:o

Zoom Dude
03-12-09, 02:08 PM
A planner is a very preference-specific thing. If you're into tech you can get yourself wadded up pretty tight over which is best.

I've found out a planner is only a tool. You need to make sure you use the tool. For me, I need my planner with me at ALL TIMES. (If I think of something in the shower, it's gone by the time I get dressed.) It can't need batteries. It can't depend on synching with my PC. It has to survive getting sat on or getting wet.

I use a 3 x 5 spiral-bound notebook that rides in my back pocket. I even pulled the tip/cartridge out of a Bic pen (ink tested and proven waterproof) and slipped it into a length of plastic tubing. I keep it in the spiral binding of the notbook. The plastic tubing gives it a flexible body that conforms to the curve of my butt without breaking when I sit.

Yes, it's a lot of effort for a pen, but that's what made the "system" work for me. The notebook looks pretty ratty after a month or so. But now I ALWAYS have a pen and paper. I format the thing on the fly and have all my daily, long term, special purpose info where I need it. No hours spent trying to get it to do something new. I just do it.

OK, it doesn't light up at night. It's not perfect. :) But it works for me.


03-13-09, 12:15 AM
btw it might be a good idea to start out with something simple and not needing any organization- like a memo pad. Then you upgrade to a planner after a bit when you are pretty consistent on using a memo pad everyday, and then things get really scheduled and filed. I didn't think about it till now, my planner gets a bit more organized/ new things in my head to organize, every week or so, but I started out only using my memo pad some days..... the rest of the days were laziness.

03-13-09, 12:37 AM
For software, how about the apps available through Google?

I use my iPod Touch to organize my life.
Paper tools just don't work for me.

One year I tried to use this thing called the "uncalendar".
I got it at my college bookstore.
You have to fill out the month, day, year, etc. but they come in a variety of sizes and colors, and it worked as well as any other organizer for me.

Actually, since I used it in connection with school, I kept it in my backpack quite a lot, so I probably used it more than I have ever used anything else... save the iPod Touch.:D

Here's a link to the uncalendar....

03-24-10, 10:36 AM
I have tried many organizational tools. Mostly from Franklin Covey. I attended a few seminars as a principal so bought into the Day Planner for many years(Leather Binder is now in my desk , going on 4 years) I did the Outlook thing with my BB. Then I would forget to sync calendars and lost too much. I know use: Standard Weekly bond Planner
Desk Calendar
Google Calendar (Accessible anywhere any time)(PC)
Blackberry Tour
I now go into Google Calendar, put in what I need to do or where to be and 15 mins before the event I get an email alert! I just keep checking my desktop/Planner calendars and keep Google Calendar current. I have co-workers using it as well and they can acess the info and change if needed.

03-24-10, 11:49 AM
I've played around with some free ones, but I've found MS Outlook the most versatile. Maybe you could play with your sync settings ( have Windows 7 and find that syncing is far less troublesome with the new syncing software it uses).