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04-07-04, 03:29 PM
How do you ppl with tourettes react on laughing gas? I have really bad tics on it, maybe it's because I relax so much. I get laughing gas when I go to the dentist (because the anesthesia doesn't work). Yesterday I hurt my sholder because of it! But I like him, he doesn't mind me ticking and he continues working even with my jerking and "jumping" in the chair. He stops only when I tell him to :)

04-13-04, 03:04 AM
I have never experienced tics with it at all. When I have something done at the dentist, I make sure there is no pain. So I get the stuff in the mouth, that numbs your mouth before the shot, then the gas.......

However, I do tic during cleanings, and I snort, so I have to have everything with that just right feeling before she can clean. And if I hav problems, I just raise my hand and she knows to stop. I am glad that she is patient with me and understands what goes on.

04-13-04, 12:23 PM
Now you made me thinking.... Maybe it's not the laughing-gas making me tic! It might as well be the drill or something else in there! I know the shot will stop working after 10 minutes so he is in a hurry, I only get 2 shots now. With my old dentist i got 6 shots in one hour, but she couldn't tolerate me moving at all so I had to get up after 15 minutes to jump and release much of my energy I've been holding back. It's so good he doesn't stop even if my arm or leg jerk. I make a "stop" sign with my hand if I want him to stop and then he does. :)

04-13-04, 02:46 PM
Im really touched by this thread. I am a registered dental assistant and see how hard patients try every day to be good patients for the doctor. Its a very personal area, the face, its also very hard for those of us with disorder for a variety of reasons. I finally talked my doctor into refferring patients out who he is not able to give the patience required. Some docs are able to be relaxed and conciderate, some are not. I was so pleased to hear you found a doctor who is able to give you what you need. Would you pass the message on to him that he made my heart warm, just knowing someone out there was a dentists and had patience :)

04-13-04, 05:39 PM
Lafnalot: was this message to both of us or one of us? :)

I like your name btw! ;)

My first dentist was a real moran. I got my dx and she said "It can't be THAT bad, I'm sure it's all exaggerated, you just have to relaxe." Yeah. If I DO relaxe I move.... is that hard so understand? :/ It's pretty funny, if "normal" ppl get nervous they move, if they're relaxed they're still.

My new dentist is funny. On my first visit he sat about 2 meters away (6 feet) and stared at me. I think he's had some real bad cases there and didn't know what was coming next. I have in my records that I've pushed away a dentist when I was 18 yo. It was impulsive and I didn't have time to stop it, I just shoved her away when she still had that ***** drill in my mouth!

But this one I have now, he won't get away from me ;) *he's mine* :D

04-14-04, 01:53 AM
Was for you, kiddo , sorry I didnt make that clearer. :)

04-14-04, 02:06 PM
I'll tell him! I think he'll be happy ;)

05-08-04, 09:42 PM
I just got my teeth cleaned and the assistant is so patient with me. She waits until I get through snorting and swallowing and get that just right feeling. All I have to do is raise my hand if I need her to stop. My tics usually start up when I first get there and once I get settled I am okay.