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Two detectives paced around Ashley's hospital bed eagerly waiting for her to open her eyes. They needed to know what she has been through....poor child just does not know just how badly the doctor took advantage of her and could have cost her her life.

Slowly, the teenaged girl opened her eyes and was stunned to see these strange men, one an african american and the other was white with a cajun accent, "Ashley, howza feel'n sha'?". She edged her self back further into the bed in terror as they approached her.

"Who are you guys? Where am I?"

"Ashley, I am Detective Willis and this is Detective Plaisance. You are in the hospital, we need to ask you about Dr. Anderson."

"Say what? What am I doing here?"

"We wuz hopin you'd tell us dat babay."

"That's right, Ashley, it's important that we find out what Dr Anderson did to you."

"Did to me? He didn't do anything but help me."

"Dawlin, wat he did der' was illegal....if his nuse' hadn'ta found ja soona, ja be dead by now...Get me?" Suddenly, his cell phone rang and he left the room to talk on the phone.

"I don't understand, how could he have done that...he said the drug he gave me was harmless, Dt. Willis."

"The dosage of the drug contained enough toxins to kill a horse if given too much. You were lucky the doctors were able to get as much out of you to save your life.....the others were not so lucky."

"Others??? He told me the others were cured after taking it."

"That why we need you, out of six you were the only one to survive. We need you to tell us everything from the begining..can you do that?"

"I guess so, where do I begin?"

"How about we start back to before you seen the doctor. I was curious how you found out about the doctor.", said Dt. Willis as he took a tape recorder out and put it next to Ashley.

Flashback to:

04-07-04, 06:51 PM
When Ashley was only six years old, she was abused by another child and this continued until the other friend moved away...Ashley grew up confused and alone. By the time she was 13, she was her own worst enemy with the self mutlitaion everytime she had a flashback of what happened to her. Now at the age of sixteen, the memories were worse and all she could hear were cries of a little girl wanting out of a closet she was locked into...locked in there with all the bad memories of abuse. It was slowly driving Ashley Mad.

She knew she had to tell someone but she trusted noone and didn't have anywhere to turn. She had just heard of a boy from her school committing suicide and she began thinking of it herself. She could take no more of the little girls screams, but instead of taking her life, she went to the school counselor instead.

She was so nervous, here she was about to poor her heart out to a complete stranger about the darkest secrets of her past. She took a deep breath and pounded on the counselors door. Then, Ms. Briggs, her counselor opened the door and smiled.

"Well, how may I help you?"

"Um...hi, I'm Ashley. I just wanted someone to talk to about something."

"Come on in, Ashley and sit down."

Ashley sat down and stared at Ms. Briggs staring back at her. Her hands were sweating and heart was pounding....her mind went totally blank.

"Are, you okay, Ashley?"

"Um...No, not really." Ashley uttered. There were three more words she needed to get out...just on the tip of her tounge and could not get them out. The tention was she took another deep breath and finally blurted out, "I was molested ."

Ms. Briggs immediatley left a message with front desk to hold her calls and then said, "Okay, Ashley, you have my attention."

Ashley began telling Ms Briggs about the abuse and the problems she was having now with the flashbacks. Ms. Briggs listened until it was her turn to finally talk and recommmended she see a therapist. "Now it just so happens I know a very skilled therapist that specailizes in Post Traumatic Stress Disorder cases. Dr. James Anderson. We are close friends. In fact, just the other day he was telling me of a new treatment used in dealing with flashbacks."

"Ms. Briggs, I can not afford a doctor and I do not want parents involved."

Ms Briggs sat there for a moment and then smiled and said, "Not a problem..he owes me a favor..and I can get him to see you for free."

"Why would you do that?"

"Never look a gift horse in the mouth, sweetie."

Ashley was asked to leave as Ms. Briggs called the doctor and set up an appointment.

"Jason? It's Darlene. Listen, I found another one...hehe..yeah...Ashley Morgan...major flashback problems . She's the perfect little lab rat for the drug. Ha got it, honey!"

Two days later, Ashley sat in the doctor's room and waited for this Dr. Anderson to talk to her. It did not take long for him to sit at his desk and Ashley found herself sitting across a very handsome doctor with a very soothing voice.

"Hello, Ashley, I'm Dr. Anderson....I believe you and I have a mutaul aquaintance...Ms Briggs from your schoool....she told me all about you."

"All good I hope." Ashley said nervously.

"Quite good yes, but she says you are having trouble with flashbacks."

"Oh, God, Yeah.....the worst." Ashley again repeated her story to the Doctor who seemed to pace the room as she talked....He stopped pacing and he sat at his desk. He opened a drawer and took out a small bottle off white liquid.

"Ashley, what was this girl's name?"

"Maria. Freakin discusting...."

"Sorry, Ashley, let me interupt you for a second...take a look at this for me." He handed her the bottle and said,"As you know when you are having a flashback, you are powerless to stop what is happening in the flashback. What you have in your hand is what can change all of that. You are holding the key to stopping your abuser and saving that little girls life and stop her screams. It won't change the fact that you were molested, not even I can do that, but it can give you peace of mind knowing that for once she did not have control and neither you or the little girl will have to be afraid anymore."

"How is that possible, Doc?"

"I'll give you one dose of this, and it will put you under hypnosis where I'll put you in the flashback and the rest is up to you."

"Why can't you do that under regular hypnosis?"

"It will be like hypnosis, but the drug will make it more it was happening in real life. It's helped out plenty of other people. Of course, I would make sure you are mentally capable of handling the drug with a few months of therapy to prepare you."

"I'll be safe won't I?"

"I would not suggest it otherwise."

Ashley closed her eyes and still she can hear the little screaming to be let out of the closet again, and Ashley's mind was made up."Ok, let's do it....anything to stop the screams."

After three months of therapy, the doctor decided she was ready to use the drug. Ashley laid back on the couch and listened as Dr. Anderson went over the proccess again.

"Ok, Ashley, when I give you the bottle, you'll have to swallow it all down, it's going to taste bitter but still it's not that much. You should fall asleep soon and when you do, I'll take you back to the day she locked you in the closet."

He gave Ashley the bottle and she did as she was told and drank the bottle. The doctor's face became a blur and then everything around her began to fade.

"Ashley, can you hear me?"


"Good, I'm going to take you back now to the room where everything happened, there is the girl and she is touching you."

The vision was clear and Ashley could see Little Ashley and Maria. It was real, the smells, the heat of the room, the fear of little Ashley, Maria's face...Everything! Ashley had become Little Ashley.

"Ok, Ashley, this is Dr. Anderson, you are the little girl Ashley but you are in control now....fight her back."

Maria reached out to touch Ashley, but Ashley backed away and slapped her hand and said, "No more, Don't ever touch me again!"

"Ash, what's wrong...I thought you liked me touching you? You know you like it."

In a fit of rage, Ashley slapped her face and screamed, "No MORE ...I won't let you hurt me again."

"Remember this is not hurting you...this is loving you!" Maria said as she slapped Ashley's face back.

She pushed Ashley into a wall and went for her closet door. Ashley's strength was that of a childs making it easy for the girl to push Ashley into the closet again...and in the closet was flashes of memory of the abuse...making Ashley weaker and unable to fight...just as a child. Ashley screamed and pounded on the door to let her out afraid to look at the images of abuse flashing in the closet with her.

Suddenly, Dr. Anderson's voice shouted, "Ashley, listen to me...You are not a child anymore, you are much older than her can fight her and now get your *** out of the closet now!!!!!!!"

Ashley closed her eyes and said over and over again in her head, "I am not a child..I am not a child!" As she opened her eyes, sure enough, she was herself again....with the strength of an adult she was able to push the closet door open and grab Maria by the hair.

Ashley looked back at the closet and where the flashback screen once stood was just one screen looking back at the doctor's office where the doctor sat next to Ashley's unconscious body.

"Ash, you can't stop me...I am in your head and I'll always beat the both of you, I am a part of your life."

"NO!!!! You are a part of my past..The past can't hurt ME anymore and I won't let you hurt US anymore."

Ashley grabbed onto her tightly and said, "I want you out of my head and out my life for good. SAY GOODNIGHT, GRACIE!"
She picked Maria up into her arms and ran into the screen, and Maria fought hard to get back into the flashback, but Ashley grabbed a sharp letter opener from the desk and plunged it into Maria's chest....and said, "I think NOT...No way you are ever getting back in there!"

"But, Ashley, I love you!"

Ashley pulled the opener out of her chest and said to her, "Sorry, you're not type...Buh Bye." Then, Maria screamed and disappeared.

She looked through the screen again and saw Little Ashley walking through the screen. Ashley picked the little girl up in her arms and hugged her.

"Hey little girl, where do you think you are going, I want you in my memories."

"Is she gone now?"

"Yes, she's gone and she's never going to hurt us again...we are free." With that said Little Ashley hugged Ashley tighter and cried.

Present time:

04-07-04, 06:53 PM
"Wait, I remember, I walked over to the Doctor with Little Ashley in my arms and I wasn't physically moving, and not looking all that well...and the doctor standing over me saying something"

"Can you remember what he said?", asked Dt. Willis.

"Oh my God, he said that I better not die like the others and I could make him a load of money! Then the Nurse and you two guys come in and arrest him....and the nurse said I was dying...that's all I remember."

"You remba' dat last part?" Plaisance asked in amazement.

"Well, yeah, that did happen didn't it? Or was a hallucinating everything?"

"No", Willis said,"You're right. I guess the drug did work for you."

"Give me a second." Ashley said and sat there for a minute or two listening to the quiet and then said, "I don't hear anything. There are no screams, I feel no fear or pain, it's like Maria is gone and Little Ashley feels safe."

"Yah, sha, but da drug not do did it yo'self."

"He's right, Ashley, no one can fix you but you....drugs like that can only, if it doesn't kill you, can only alter your brain, but it was you doing the actual healing."

"So the only thing the doctor was worried about was what the drug did for me and did not care what it could do to me."Ashley Sighed.

Willis nodded ,folding his arms and said, "Yes, true, but rest assure he won't get away with it and neither will his girlfriend, that Briggs woman."

"Guys, I am really tired...could we pick this up later please?" Ashely asked as she yawned.

"Oh, yeah, Sha'. Not a problem. We cawl ya if we need ta' know anything else, babay."

As the detectives left, Ashley rested back in her bed and closed her eyes. She flashed a big smile as she heard little Ashley say to her, "Thank you for saving me from the closet."

"You're welcome, Lil Ash."

The End

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Melly did you write that

It was rivioting

worthy of publication

Im impressed

04-07-04, 09:49 PM
LOL Yes, Garry, I wrote that a few years ago for a short story course and hehe i got straight A's For this story and I think it does relate to how we sometimes rely on drugs to make us better, when really we are the only ones that can make us better, drugs play a small roll in healing ourselves.