View Full Version : Every day house hold up keep!

03-17-09, 11:54 AM
Hi all

So I thought I would drop in here and talk about how I deal with keep my house from being a mess all the time! As I'm sure some of you have found people with ADD some times forget or neglect cleaning and regular maintenance.

I have tried many different approaches to helping my self remember all the little things that need to be done around the house! Everything from white boards and email reminders to alarms on my phone. All have worked to a extent, and they all had inherent problems. For instance email only works if you remember to set it, or read it for that matter lol. A white board is good but its failing is if you forget to update it or look at it, its useless. The phone is ok but it I was prone to dismissing the alarm when it went off and being distracted to do other things.

Right now, the best solution I've found is a combination of a set time during the week-weekend that you address house hold chores. So the way me and my Fiancee do is Every Saturday around noonish we look over our white board of things to do! We upkeep the white board 2 ways. Though out the week we add things as we think of them. I.E. rake leaves, or pull weeds. The second way is at the end of doing things on the list that day we transfer over things that need to be done every week... IE cat litter, londry, cleaning bathroom ect.

This has worked quite well for us and our house stays pretty clean. We have it set up into 3 sections. One for me, one for her and one for who ever can get to it! (hopefuly if we add to our family that will be the childs spot hehe)

Now a little something for you ADD people. Since everyone is a bit different not everything i say may work for you, that said my bigest problem is i dont slow down and look at what im doing. Like when i do the dishes, I just run it under the watter and get it into the dishwasher, quick and easy right... wrong! by not washing off stuck on things it ends up being more work in the end. Thats just one example of something that I face every day. I think of the best soultion in the shortest amount of time and do it with out thinking it all the way though. This makes for what my dad calls "half ***" work. What Ive ended up doing is every time I go to do something big or small I make my self pause for almost a full minuet and think about everything that needs to be done with said chore or request. Think about the way it not only impacts you and how you do it but the people around you and how they see it. I think about how to make sure the job is fully done! This has taken me a very very long time to figure out and to creat as a habbit!

So to sum it up, being as orginised as you can and slowing down when you do chores around the house is your best option for keeping things neat to clean! At least for this guy! lol