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03-17-09, 04:13 PM
I am new here and need help. 11 year old son diagnosed with aspergers in November. Trying to figure out if i am making the right decision with school. His local school said after making out iep the services he needs they can only help with probably one. Doctor said he is able to function at a regular school but kids dont understand him and are very cruel. I visited a spectrum school for aspergers am i making the right decision in sending him there or am i limiting his abilities? My hopes are after some social skills and other areas of help he needs we can return to the regular school system. Anyone been there and am I making the right choices? Only want to do whats best for him? Thanks in advance for any help.


Lady Lark
03-17-09, 06:17 PM
I know where you are, my own son is an Aspie (as well as ADHD and gifted). I did look into, and found a private school that looked wonderful for him. We didn't do it because of the distance from our house.

Now he's in the gifted program, and since it's a smaller class size it's just as good. Less kids, less noise, less overload.

If you really feel this is what is good for your son, then do it. No one knows your kid like you do, not even the doctor. Just because someone can function in a normal class setting doesn't mean that is what is best for them.