View Full Version : Friday 3/20 GFC Results - Post Them Here

mADD mike
03-20-09, 09:42 PM
Here's the newest results thread for everyone. Let us all know what you were up to this week.

Myself, I went hiking for 4 hours on Monday, and kind of overdid it. So, that was it for the week, as I got a bad headache afterward that lasted for days.

I am going hiking again tomorrow though, and hope to be able to go at least once a week, at least until summer comes and it gets brutally hot. It is great exercise, and I love to take photos of the scenery while I hike.

So, what were you up to this week?

03-21-09, 11:11 AM
Errr. Bit of a rough week. But I did go walking around the lake at the park with my wife 3 days. @ 1 hour, three laps at 1.24 each. First day of spring - huh! Wind off the water was cold and damp! But the fish were biting!

03-23-09, 10:47 AM
Woops! Here I am!
Doing better; still experimenting with meds and sometimes I get astonishing effects. :)
Other times not so much, but okay...dosis is still very low and not stable.

Back on diet, a few red days, but far better than it's been in a long time, and not a lot of exercise - but again: Better than in the past weeks.

Sat: No exercise, Ate very well.
Sun: 30min walk, ate very well.
Mon: 3h dance lessons, ate very well.
Tues: 1h walk, ate well.
Wed: 30 min walk, ate very well.
Thur: 60 min walk, overate a little.
Fri: 90min walk, ate okay.

Looks like I'm back on standard - almost.

03-23-09, 11:23 AM
same as usual (walking) but I ate a little more than I should have!
I can't seem to make myself exercise in the evening. I really don't know what to do about this.

03-23-09, 06:56 PM
I gained a 1.5. been doing 20 minutes of wii fit everyday.

03-24-09, 11:51 AM
Sorry I'm late - haven't been having very good computer happiness lately but think I finally have things fixed.

I did C25K week 2 two or three (can't remember) times last week. It must have been 3 because I didn't feel like I had to finish the 3rd one this week???

Haven't really been weighing much, when I do I'm still within my 5 lb range, so I haven't been sweating it. If I don't quit sugar-bingeing I'm going to be sweating it! Had a bad weekend in that regard, but am back on the wagon during the week so far.

03-24-09, 12:19 PM
I haven't gone back to the gym yet cuz I'm not feeling motivated, but I did go on my Wii Fit...