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03-21-09, 08:49 AM
It's really weird, on my first tri I got all A's and two B's; on my second tri I got all A's and one B. I'm getting into my 3rd tri and I've got 1 A, 3 B's and a D. Omg, whats going on?! My A is in Math; my best subject, a B in orchastra, techies, and language arts, and a D in Social Studies. Also, I don't know, but is there any software that any of you guys know that has a notebook, flashcard maker, etc.? Thanks, -Katie

03-22-09, 11:06 AM
is there any software that any of you guys know that has a notebook, flashcard maker, etc.? Thanks, -Katie

They have some hardware called real flashcards, you make em with a pen and writing :). Also, I think walmart has notebooks on sale for $0.50 a piece. It ain't software, but it's the best way to get yourself in line to study :)

03-22-09, 10:04 PM
tri? trimester? how does that work?

Anyways, ecu20 has a good point, flash cards are the BOMB because you can separate them into piles as you go through them (at least I do) into stuff you know, stuff you kinda know, and stuff you need to study more. I think my biggest problem (besides procrastination) is spending too much time taking/typing notes and organizing stuff.

I make my worst grades in what should be the easiest classes. I had a D in intro geography and made C's in intro sociology and intro to music, but I have an A in all my statistics, finance, and accounting classes. Wierd how that happens.

My advise: don't think about it too long/hard, just do it. Make notecards, read chapters and don't overstudy. I've made some of my best grades on tests I studied very little for.

03-24-09, 07:11 PM
Here's my collection of how I organize and study notes for a test :D


1 - 50 count stack of 5"x8" index cards
1 - 100 count stack of 4"x6" index cards
7 - 100 count stack of 3"x5" index cards
5 full size post-it sticky pads
2 third size post-it sticky pads

It always helps me stay organized now! :D And i'm even a major computer geek, software (programming) and hardware wise. There's just some things best done on pen and paper, and studying for tests is still best done on pen and paper.

Notes however, are another story for my 8.9" netbook in the pic to take down in class :D:D!!!!!