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04-08-03, 11:43 PM
By taking this self-test you will gain a better understanding of whether or not coaching is for you.
Rate the following statements from 1(thatís really not me) to 10 (oh yes thatís so me)

1. Now is a good time for me to begin a coaching program. I have no major psychological, health, financial or housing issues that would interfere with my participation. I am committed to giving 100% to the coaching process and ready to take the steps required to develop and implement the systems that will help me create and live the life I want. { }

2. I know that there are no quick fixes and that I am the one responsible for making the changes that need to be made. I also realize that I do need help making these changes and am not afraid to ask for help, feedback or support from others including my coach. I am ready and willing to do the work required to make the changes I want to make.{ }

3. I am committed to taking my coaching seriously. I know that this means attending meetings and completing any work to the best of my ability as well as paying any fees. I also realize that these things must always be attended/done/submitted on time. { }

4. I will follow through on the things that I say I am going to do. When (if) I do get off track I can be counted on to get back on task. I will use any off task situations as an opportunity to refine, improve and create support systems, which will prevent me from making the same mistakes again. I will not spend more time making excuses than I spend finding solutions.{ }

5. I am willing to try out new ideas and ways of doing things. I can and will regularly take honest and realistic looks at myself and will tell my coach about any difficulties I run into before they snowball into something, which is too big to handle. { }

6.I will communicate in an honest and courteous manner with my coachís. I understand that taking care of myself is my responsibility{ }

7. I will ask for clarifications when needed and will not beat around the bush when I have taken issue with something. Having said this I will always bring issues up in appropriate and courteous manor. I will focus on solutions and not on blame. { }

8. I am committed to being (as well as to develop my ability to be) mindful of negative and self-defeating behaviors. I understand that change can be slow but I am ready to take the time and the steps required to live well. I can and will stick with it until my new habits have taken root. { }

9. Although I realize that I need help I can and will take credit, giving myself a pat on the back for the work I have done and the things I have achieved. I will not let myself fall into the mindset that my achievements do not count or are somehow fake. { }

10. I can see that there are benefits to coaching and I want to participate. I know that participating in a coaching program is right for me and I have adequate time, energy and funds to do so. Participating in a coaching program will not conflict with any other commitments I have. { }

This test helps determine how coachable you are right now.


10 - 30 Coaching is not right for you at this time. You may
wish to consider seeking out a therapist for specific support
and help.

31 - 50 You are a ready for coaching but will need to pay
close attention to the ground rules and be certain of your
commitment to the coaching process.

51 - 70 Good coaching candidate however you may want to
look at ways of raising your scores on this self-test as it will
help you get more out of the coaching process.

71 - 100 Excellent coaching candidate this is should be a
good fit but be sure to keep things at a reasonable pace.

*The above was adapted by Gerard Montigny ( from the Coachability Index by Coach-U ( & Madelyn Griffith-Haynie for
The Optimal Functioning Institute (

04-09-03, 04:51 PM
Wow Tara this is an excellent tool! May I use this in other areas, tweeking it a bit. Is this a copyrighted type of thing? Awesome tool. Thanks for posting it.

04-09-03, 05:30 PM
Thanks for reminding me I just added the info on who to credit it to which I originally had but somehow removed.

08-14-03, 12:32 PM
Um the am i coaching is my adaptation!!

I developed the am i ready for coaching PFD that is posted on this thread!

It is an revised version of the coachville coachibility index expanded to address ADD specific issues related to ADD coaching.

Just to clarify!!