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03-22-09, 03:41 PM
I appologize in advance if this is a double post. I think i posted this earlier but I cannot find my post now...ah well...

reQall ( ( is a great free Memory Jogging application which works via the Web, IM, Phones & Email. I have been using this app for about a week now with great success. So I thought i`d come here and write a little review for you guys to give you an idea of how it works and how it can help.

For those of us who are always on the go and have a problem remembering important things this app is a life saver. The basic idea behind it is that reQall helps to remind you of important tasks , events, and todo things on a configurable schedule.

You can do that by sending it messages via IM, Text, Firefox, Phone Call, Voice Upload (Via iPhone and I think blackberry). It transcribes the voice notes into text within 30 minutes and does a damn good job of it too!

ReQall recognizes certain words and dates in your messages and then files them appropriately. For example if I tell it to "Remind me to call my doctor on march 25th 5pm" then it will put in a todo for March 25th 5pm with that in it. If you have calendars integrated with it the item will also appear in your calendar. ReQall will then, based on your configuration, remind you periodically about the event and based on the way it reminds you, it may ask you if its complete. The asking functionality I think works via IM (but may also via text, not sure). If you say yes, then it will mark the item as done, and saying No or not replying will get it to remind you regularly till the Item is due. All of this is fully configurable so I can get it to remind me as much as every 2 hours daily, or as little as once a month (or never).

It really helps me because everytime I remember something I need done, or have a new item to remember / do I instantly add it to reQall via my Browser, Iphone or IM and then reQall does the rest. It did take me about 2 days to get used to the vocabulary reQall recognizes but thats probably too long a time because the vocab is very simple and easy. Now I use it on a daily basis and I think this app alone justifies my purchase of the iPhone.

You can set it up for......

Your cellphone (or even landline phone): It has iphone and blackberry apps, but should work with any cellphone because it can send/recieve text messages and you can also add items to it (TODO's, notes, shopping lists, events) via a simple free phone call.

Iphone Information & Screenshots:
Blackberry Information & Screenshots:
Any Cellphone Instructions & Screenshots:
Interaction Chart for Calling Reqall:
Your browser: reQall has a firefox addon that puts a little box on a toolbar. The box allows you to send notes / todos / shopping lists to reqall. It also has a website (duh) which allows you to fully interact with it (except for adding voice to text notes).

reQall on the Web Info:
reQall on FireFox info:
Instant Message:reQall can be setup with Google Talk, Yahoo Messenger or AIM. I wish they had MSN Messenger too since I use that the most but no big deal since I also have Google Talk.

More Info :
Calender Integration & RSS Feed: Reqall outputs its calender in iCal format as well as RSS feed so people can use any calendar that can subscribe to an iCal feed and get their reQall items in it (like Google Calender..and most online calendars and apple iCalender). You can also manually download and add the items into say outlook.

Calendar Integration Info:

The things I wish could be better about it are...

The voice note uploads are limited to 30 seconds max per note. I wish it allowed longer notes because then I could actually use it to brain storm ideas and think about stuff. I think this is a limitation because it transcribers it to text and perhaps longer notes are more difficult / time consuming. (I have a sneaky suspicion there are real people are sitting somewhere in India listening to each voice upload and transcribing it but who knows...)

I wish it recognized more keywords, the one that I specifically want is some way to add a linebreak / newline to my Shopping lists when created via Voice, so that I can have each item in a seperate line. It just makes it easier for me to read the list and stuff. Also shopping lists should have individual items be able to be checkmarked as bought.

That said, its a great app. Get it if you have a mobile phone, and use it :)

03-22-09, 04:08 PM
Have you read the homepage of Mr. Vemuri and his father's homepage.... quite impressive!

He has a link to his homepage on the homepage (I guess I really like typing 'homepage':p) of reQall.

So far it looks like there's a free service and possibly a paid service, but I haven't gotten through the whole website yet, just glanced at one of your links, then the Privacy Policy, About Us page, and the two personal homepages. (AAACK! I did it again!:eek:).

Thanks for posting this... I might actually try it out!:D

homepage homepage homepage homepage homepage homepage homepage homepage homepage homepage..... just trying to get this out of my system... lol... home page... hom age... hop ag... hoag.. ha.. a........ it's gone now...

03-22-09, 04:21 PM
I just looked up his homepage and also saw the reQall blog :) Good stuff.

I wanted to post it here because I really love this tool and I know ADD'ers will be able to benefit from it greatly :)