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03-26-09, 11:21 AM
I want to know how these generic pharmacuitical companies can get away with this! How can they and every pharmacist claim that the generics are the same as the name brand. That is such crap! I was getting a blue oval 1 mg pill (can't remember who made it). Then I went to pick up my RX and there is a stamp on the bag that says "CHANGE IN MANUFACTURE". I open up the bottle and see green oval pills, and these are bigger then the other 1 mg. They are made by Dava Pharmaceuticals. They suck. I did get my doc to write the RX dispense as written once to see what real Xanax were like. These green things are nothing like that!

04-10-09, 07:04 PM
I couldn't agree more. I take 0.5mg now but used to be on the 1mg blue circles tablets. The football shaped ones are much more effective. I believe it is due to more filler present in the generics which affects the bioavailability and absorption rates. Xanax does have a high bioavailability so a decrease in that would generally be noticed pretty easily.

05-08-09, 04:24 AM
I've been on these circular PurePac ones. They're alright. But I had some older ones leftover from a few years ago that I keep in my gym bag just in case. They were filled at an in clinic pharmacy, and are football shaped and manufactured by Sandoz.

I had to split a 1mg Sandoz the other night and the difference was like night & day. FAR more effective. Talk about a quiet head! I am going to either go back to that clinic pharmacy for them from now on or seek one out that carries the Sandoz version.

jennyjay, you've tried the real deal name brand Xanax? How does it compare to generics?

05-26-09, 12:57 PM
I now have my pdoc write my prescription out as dispense as written for Xanax. So I get the brand name. I have to pay the max co-pay for prescriptions for it, $23.00. The generic was like $12.00. The difference is huge and worth the money.

05-27-09, 05:29 AM
Yes I have recently obtained brand Xanax in IR & XR forms and they definitely are leading the pack in efficacy.