View Full Version : hyperglycemia/diabetes prevention

03-26-09, 06:46 PM
What are some things that one can do while on an atypical anti-psychotic medication to reduce the chances of developing hyperglycemia and/or diabetes?

05-29-09, 12:40 AM
Hey - saw you didn't get any replies to this so I busted out my pharmacology textbook (and this is how I can tell my meds are working ;) ).

The biggest factor in development of impaired glucose tolerance resulting from antipsychotic meds is weight gain. So in answer to your question: pretty much the general rules for keeping your weight stable - eat healthy and exercise frequently, and then get your blood sugar monitored periodically. It's always better to catch the problem early.

05-29-09, 01:04 AM
In general, a diet low in refined sugars, even going so far as to cross over into "low carb" territory makes it a lot less likely that you will develop insulin resistance of impaired insulin response.

Personally, I love the way I feel on a low carb diet, but its very hard to maintain long term due to the expense and extra preparation and the level of inflexibility when it comes to eating out and going to other peoples homes.