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03-27-09, 12:33 AM
ok i'm taking AP Bio. Bio's always been a snap for me but now i have a D in the class... ya i'm having super panic attacks.... the reason why i'm failing is because i cant read the book! i space out after a few sentences no matter how hard i try (and trust me i've tried really hard...). that and my teacher goes to fast in his lectures and i'm having a problem takign notes and listening to what he's saying at the same time (even with an audio recording ( because he points to thigns on the board and just says "this" so when i'm listening to the recording i'm like "WTF is this 'this' he's talkign about?"))

anyone have any ideas on what to do?

03-28-09, 03:20 PM
LOL, im sorry, i love the last part! lol, anyways.... I'll tell you what I do for the note taking part.
1.With notes don't write down everything, like if he says to write whats on the board and the board has lots of writing, shorten it. ex. if it says "In the late middle ages and the renisance people greatly valued math and humanist's opinions on life" just say "in LMA and Ren. people relyed on humanist ways" or something like that
2. with notes don't write in complete sentences!!
3. In notes abriviate. ex. in #1 i used LMA for late middle ages and Ren. for renisance.
4. For audio recording take out a separate loose leaf and write pic. 1, pic. 2, pic. 3, etc. and on each slide discribe what the picture shows.

03-30-09, 05:04 PM
ya ok thanks i'll try your #4. i already short hand everything i can but it's still not enough (i'm a very very slow writer =\ )