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03-27-09, 02:34 PM
Hi! I'm newly diagnosed about three months ago, and since I started taking adderall a LOT of things that I couldn't do before are getting easier. It's easier to do chores and things I don't want to do, to tear myself off of the computer, and I'm working on making sure I eat right (even if nothing appeals) and getting to bed on time.

My issue is that even with medication, I still have MAJOR issues waking up in the mornings. I mean, AT ALL. I'll sleep in until 1230 or 1300 (1 pm) given the chance. I've got cell phone alarms, an iPod clock alarm on the opposite side of the room, a cat who meows for food, and a dog who "yells" at me to be let out. Nothing doing; it doesn't work. I've tried taking meds at a certain time of the morning and going back to sleep-some people said it helps them sleep in less, but I can still sleep until 1100 or 1200 even with the adderall in my system.

Even when I get up out of bed to turn the alarm off or to put the cat out of my room, I STILL go back to bed and back to sleep-I forget that I had a reason to get up and out of bed and so I pass right the heck back out! It isn't a medical issue (I take iron pills for anemia but it's nothing major, and I functioned for years without those [and adderall!] before I started taking them) and it isn't depression. I just plain don't get up and STAY up in the mornings.

My other issue is that I've got my first semester of school with medication coming up and I'm scared silly. It's my last semester of VA funded education, which means I've got to do spectacularly in order to get scholarships for the remaining three years or more. D'you think I should just go ahead and try for coaching or should I give it a go on my own first, and just be really careful?

So my question is, could a coach be of assistance with this? Would it be worth paying them to help with just these two issues?

04-23-09, 02:35 PM
Try it.

Look at what you have to lose and what you have to gain and weigh out the positive and negatives. Even not knowing much about coaching at this point.

Also, unfortunately, most people don't look in all different sections of this forum.

I am considering getting some coaching/learning specialist help soon and I'll see how the service offered her at school turns out first before I go to a private practice coach.

06-07-09, 07:21 PM
Are you SURE the sleep issues aren't medical? Have you been to a sleep specialist yet or had your Thyroid tested? It's hard to say if am ADHD could help you with sleeping. If it's not medical and ADHD Coach could work with on developing systems to help you in evening and morning which could help you fall asleep and get up.

An ADHD Could help you with school. What did you decide to do about working with an ADHD Coach?