View Full Version : My mom just doesn't get it!!

03-27-09, 11:30 PM
I'm really having a hard time at school right now cause I'm in grade 12 and need to graduate to go onto college. But the problem is I'm really behind in my work and I keep trying to explain that the reason I'm taking medication is to try to fix that but she just won't listen.

She keeps saying "why do you think this all of the sudden", like its just a big joke. I'm getting so frustrated that she won't believe me, I need some support so I can pass but I'm not getting any from my parents.

What are some things I can say to make her understand, I'm starting to lose it and I don't want to fail!!! :(

03-27-09, 11:53 PM
First have your parents been dx with ADHD. It does run in the family. I understand how you feel. I felt like that at as teen. Let me ask you this, " how much time do you actually spend studying" "How much time do you spend on the forum?" My suggestion is if your time on the forum is more than the time you study, then then you need to spend more time studying. I know when I am in college I am not on the forum. I have been sick so I pop in for a while.

You are not a joke. YOu might need to seek someone like a therapist to talk to also. We can only do so much, none of us are doctors (I think) but that is not the purpose of the forum. I myself see someone on a weekly basis ... some time every 2 weeks. It is good to have some one you can vent to who is objective and does not judge you.

Therapy and medication is the best combination. What about finding a tutor to help you with you studys. I am sure the school would know something or guide you mom in the right direction on that subject. I hope this helps.

You have to help yourself too. As a doctor said to me: I will meet you 1/2 but you need to meet me 1/2 too. School is a job. Believe me it is easier in school than when you start to work. Enjoy this time, but get the right help so you feel successful .

Good Luck keep us informed.

04-06-09, 10:11 AM
Are you able to get your medication on your own? Or does your mom have to be involved somehow?

It's too bad your mom isn't very supportive. And even worse when you can't explain it to her. I suspect that her lack of support has more to do with her than it does you.

If you are able to get your medication on your own, than you may have to plow ahead without her support. As I said, maybe your mom has some questions about ADHD and she may not be ready to face yet. That's not your fault, but you have to keep going because you can't afford to wait for her to be ready.

I think that once she sees you making progress and doing well, chances are she may be more supportive of what you're doing.

If there's another adult, perferably someone like a guidance cousenllor, who can step in, this might be the time. But be sensitive, this may make the situation worse or better.