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03-29-09, 03:09 PM
Hi there! This i my first post, so thanks in advance for any advice! My son is 5 years old in Kindergarten was recently diagnosed with ADHD Combined type. He has been taking 5mg 1x daily of Focalin XR since September, btw it has been working wonders with him. Recently (last 2 weeks) his teacher said that she is beginning to think the meds aren't working anymore because he is acting hyper/impulsive as if he didn't take it at all. I recently saw his Psychologist and he wants to try Tenex? during spring break. I have been monitoring him on the weekends as we continue to give him the Focalin XR 1x daily and I think it is still working! But it seems that it starts working much later than it used to.... I cant pinpoint the time, but I gave it to him at 9am and its 12pm now and he seems fine.... Is it possible that the meds suddenly have a delayed onset? Im at a loss here, and I dont want to switch if we dont have to.... What do you guys think?



03-29-09, 11:29 PM
Is your son taking the FocalinXR right after/before eating? I know that can definitely delay the absorbtion of it. The pH balance in the stomach has a significant impact on XR because of the time release formulation and the mechanism used to make it possible. It can be a bit of a persnickity drug.

When on Focalin/Focalin XR, what he drinks can also have that affect. Grapefruit juice is an absolute no-no, as well as anything citrusy/acidic. Drinking orange juice, pineapple juice, apple juice, etc, with FocalinXR would be kind of like opening up the capsule, dumping the contents down the drain, and then taking the empty capsule, lol.

It's so nice of doctors to inform you of these things, right?

Oh, and if your son is not taking it on a full stomach or with orange juice, you(and your son's pdoc, of course) could try having him take a dose of immediate release Focalin in the morning along with the XR, to fill in until the XR reaches the appropriate levels.

03-30-09, 10:01 AM
Wow! He has been drinking a lot of apple juice lately... Ill try that today. Ill keep you all updated! thanks!

Taylor Le Bon
07-22-11, 04:00 PM
I used to take Strattera for ADD-like symptoms associated with Asperger's; I found two apples a day helped with my focus and energy issues when the Strattera stopped working, usually four hours after taking it. Switched to Focalin ER four days ago and noticed I got spacey for about a half an hour after eating my apples. I take 10 mgs. (two 5 mgs. In the morning). After reading about the apple juice, I'll eat my apples in the evening, not at work.