View Full Version : A personal blog I made if anyone is interested

04-01-09, 01:19 PM
It's about my thoughts on things like society, politics, religion, ADD, and whatever else I feel like writing about :)
I also have some of my artwork up there. Check it out if you have free time fellow adders :)

Oh and I would like to put together an online art blag/mag, so If anyone wants to help make it or just contribute some content, let me know. Everyone will get complete credit for their work! :p

04-01-09, 01:33 PM
I'd love to check it out and will report back :)

04-20-09, 04:58 PM
Hi there - I think your blog is great - the piece on add is brilliant, and very accurate, you've summed it up well! am also impressed with some of your radical ideas about mary magdalene and so on. I dont think she was Jesus's wife personally, but I do think your thoughts on her background are intriguing! :)

am lovin the artwork on the first page too.

chamaleon :)