View Full Version : Magnesium, Adderall IR, Porn, Libido, Masturbation; can't just "get it over with"

04-04-09, 05:49 AM
I just spent 3-4 hours masturbating and watching porn.

Before then, I took Magnesium Taurate and Adderall IR (w/ an hour in between). I am still figuring how to best time magnesium taurate, but it definitely appears to increase the effect of Adderall IR (which had been dwindling as a result of tolerance).

I have noticed Adderall's increase on my libido for a while now. I can even tell myself to "finish up" or "get it over with" when I noticed my libido increase. However, I'm noticing that if I don't find the right pornographic stimulus or if I don't "take my time" I will just want to ejaculate again later.

Tonight, I was completely captivated by this one guy who has a bunch of videos on an adult version of youtube. And he was very clearly on some kind of drugs (maybe meth?). And I was just entranced by the look in his eye, his fluid movements, etc. It was very apparent that his nervous system was "under the influence" and his every move, gaze, and sound indicated this. Usually, I notice specific features about a person, but this was definitely an infatuation with his nervous system!

I guess my purpose is that, I definitely am not simply satisfied by the ejaculation itself and the release of prolactin. It seems like the fantasy and stimulis I am watching is very important. It feels strange. Imagine being hungry and eating whatever was available, but finding that you can only be satiated if you eat a very specific dish, with the meat cooked to a certain degree, and X tablespoons of this spice on it, etc.

I am ambivalent, because on the one hand, it seems like a huge inconvenience. But at the same time, it is funny to have something external (the porn on my screen) feel so instrumental to my arousal and satiety. I feel like, perhaps due to the adderall and magnesium, the mental fantasy and visual stimuli were MORE IMPORTANT than the tactile sensations with my genitalia.

Right now, I don't think it is a bad thing. I used to think I was "addicted to porn" and I'm sure a lot of other people have felt that way. But In my experience, porn and masturbation isn't really something you can totally discipline yourself out of. When I was living with roommate and had few opportunities to watch porn, and plenty of other engaging or stimulating experiences to distract myself (talk to people, hang out, etc.), I found that if I didn't masturbate enough, it would just broil over and I would get cranky or irritable. Therefore, I have given up on trying to "quit porn and masturbation" without trying to understand exactly what is going on neurally and stuff.

So even though the experience tonight was intense, I don't think I am "more addicted" to porn. It just feels like it was a more intense yearning and a more specific or even sophisticated demand for me to fill out before my body felt satisfied. I hope this doesn't translate into more frequent "trace"-like episodes. Furthermore, I always worry that if I watch to much porn, my attention with just be honed to just stare at attractive men on the street. You know, that creepy gaze that some people have when you know they are just sizing up potential sex partners, and they can't even help it? I worry taht I'll loook like that.

Another thing I want to consider is, if it would be healthier to just HAVE SEX WITH PEOPLE, instead of masturbating to porn. Obviously, it probably is. But I want to know the difference in terms of my neural system. I know oxytocin is involved with interpersonal sexual or romantic interaction. Maybe my brain is "Starved" or some of that? Then of course I'm sure my brain misses some of the stimulation to my sensory afferent (?) nerves. It is an important neural experience to be touched, and in unpredictable ways. Im sure there's a saying like "an itch that only someone else can scratch"

I guess my task is to find someone who is as curious or eager to analyze the experience as I am, to have sex with?

04-05-09, 08:53 PM
That sounds more like a fetish than anything else. The example of eating and eating and not being full unless it was something specific makes it sound like it's a fetish. Good luck with that though. You might want to bring it up with your pdoc.

04-05-09, 10:57 PM
Well, aren't you refreshingly honest? ;)

I would not say that having sex with people is necessarily healthier. I would personally advocate masturbation before having sex with random people. That comes with pregnancy and STDs and broken hearts and that whole bit everyone knows about.

I am actually going through something similar. I have found that my libido has increased like crazy, though it is definitely a physical thing. I get a mental picture and that usually set it off, and I am much more sensitive to touch. If I feel aroused or even the mere suggestion of something sexual makes me feel like I need to go relieve myself. I NEVER used to be like this. It's pretty much a daily thing for me, whereas before it used to be like once a month.

I have someone to 'help me out' on a semi-regular basis, and I feel like it relieves me for a little while longer than usual masturbation. It has made me more assertive sexually, and I appreciate that at least. They also appreciate the increased libido on my end, things are more fun. However, I have found that I tend to be more selfish.... in the midst of things, and also afterwards. Not in the typical female sense... I tend to be more like the 'guy' where I say "alright peace out" and leave. Or I seem agitated if I haven't reached climax myself.

I also do not feel as though it is a problem, but it essentially could be in a serious relationship if I need constant sexual variety, or seem selfish so often.

As far as the porn addiction goes, I think that is an entity all on its own.
What do you mean by "safety"?

Good luck to you, and remember to stay safe.

04-06-09, 05:53 PM
I've gone 12 hours of watching porn and wanking it. I have always had a high libido since I was a kid. So adderall just jacks up my already high libido even higher! But yea adderall, for some reason, allows me to go on marathon like jerking off sessions, and after climax I can go again after 30 minutes to an hour of rest. I got a fleshlight and that has helped.

04-07-09, 01:45 AM
Don't hurt yourselves, guys. ;)