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04-04-09, 09:29 PM
My Metadate CD trial.

Male, 37 years old. First diagnosed with ADD on 03-04-2009. I have never taken any medication for ADD. Doctors drug of choice to start all patients on is Metadate CD. I was I started on Metadate CD 10mg once daily.

Week #1, Metadate CD 10mg for 1 week.
- I noticed no significant improvement in concentration or focus.
- I got a headache 3 of the 7 nights approximately 7.5 hours after taking the dose.
- Each evening I got extremely irritable. It was so bad my wife suggested I stop taking the medication.
- I had zero trouble falling asleep

Week #2, Metadate CD 20mg for 1 week.
- I could not tell if the medication was working or not. Meaning once I took the pill I did not notice anything that would indicate I took it.
- I did feel ever so slightly more focused and able to stay on task the first day I took 20mg. All remaining days I could notice no real effect on focus and concentration.
- I had no trouble falling asleep. However, I did have trouble waking in the morning and felt very slow and sluggish once I woke up until I took the medicine.
- I cut out all diet pop and other things with artificial sweetener, which initially seemed to help alleviate my headaches and irritability.
- At Doctors suggestion I started drinking a caffenated beverage in the morning upon waking and once in the evening when the dose was wearing off and I was getting as headache.

Week #3, Metadate CD 30mg for 1 week.
- I still had no noticeable effects after I took the medication.
- I did feel slightly more focused during the day.
- I started to see some improvement but was having a big crash 7.5 to 8 hours after I took the dose. I would get tired and irritable and get a mild headache.
- Again at the Doctors suggestion I drank a caffenated beverage (green tea) in the morning upon waking and at 7 hours post dose.
- The extra caffeine did help get things jump-started in the morning and helped alleviate some of the effects of the crash.

Week #4, Metadate CD 40mg for 1 week.
- Big difference between the 30mg and 40mg. Things sort of flip flopped here.
- I could defiantly notice that I took the medicine. I could feel the immediate release part kick in. I would get dry mouth, slight increase in sweating, and would be very talkative for a bit after taking the medicine.
- There was a definite improvement in my focus and concentration. I would not say an amazing lighting bolt moment, it was very subtle. For the first time in my life I felt clear headed. I was able to focus on one thing at a time and go from start to completion without getting distracted. I actually got quite mad one day thinking of my prior 37 years and why someone hadn’t seen this earlier.
- My big issue was with the crash approximately 7.5 hours post dose. I really felt the medicine was helping but it did not last near long enough. I work 12-hour days and 8 hours of coverage was not going to cut it.

The Bottom line is I am very thankful I sought treatment and began Medication. Metadate works in me exactly as advertised. My only issue is 8 hours is not long enough. For week number 5 I have been switched to Concerta 54mg.<O:p></O:p>