View Full Version : Personal experience: weightlifting (not cardio) only helpful treatment

04-07-09, 12:17 AM
This is a brief account of my experience with ADHD meds and exercise for treatment. This is to help anyone who may be experiencing a similar response to meds, and is not to underscore or discredit the usefulness of meds, or cardio exercise which don't help me.

I have posted lots of posts about my experiences with meds. I've tried all of the stimulants besides desoxyn (methamphetamine), and nearly every other substance known to man that has any potential whatsoever, no matter how marginal in offering any benefit to ADHD. For example, to name just a few, I've tried poppy pod tea, coca leaf chewing, deprenyl (MOI), tianeptine, betel nut (not well known in US, but widely used stimulant), nicotine, modafinil, kava, ect. I could go on and on.

My personal findings were that any substance offers a temporary non-sustainable benefit always with a negative rebound. That is, it will work on the first dosing, but subsequent dosing (after the desired effect has worn off) will not work, or not work nearly as well. I need a "cool down" time to get any benefit again, which is so long as to make treatment in this manner impractical. Not to mention the rebound effect which is always negative and always outweighed any benefit.

Where does that leave me? I said screw it, and just decided to live with my s*itty neurological function.

But there was something that always did offer a sustainable benefit albeit marginal in comparison to an adderall high. I overlooked weightlifting recently because I was looking for something more substantial, but it's a hell of a lot better than settling for nothing. I've been into weightlifting since middle school, but recently (past couple years) I basically abandoned it. I think I was always drawn to it for the neurological benefits I was getting.

I never did get any sustainable benefit from cardio. I'm not sure exactly why, but I think it somehow throws off my neurochemical balance and causes a sustained mood lift which is bad for mental performance. I almost feel kind of zombified, like on the rebound of a stim, though during the cardio I seem to feel more focused.

As to the kind of weightlifting-I must make it very difficult. I keep the weight light, but lift it until I max out on reps always. It is key to do controlled movements, relax, and focus on the muscle, i.e., "put your mind into the muscle." Probably 15-25 reps is optimal per set, but I haven't quite determined this. It is extremely important to do those last reps which cause a lot of pain and are very difficult, as those offer nearly the whole benefit. An excellent book is Arnold Schwarzenegger's "The New Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding."

Weightlifting seems to give a marginal but sustainable benefit to my mental performance and focus level. The benefit does diminish if I doing it regularly, but it is still evident. I haven't got this with anything else besides the obvious: food, sleep, meditation, rest, ect. I also think it is amazing for my endocrine system and I feel a lot younger with less stress.

I hope this helps anyone who does not respond well to ADHD meds nor cardio exercise. Please PM me if you need any advice on weightlifting.