View Full Version : Flying Through My Mind

04-13-04, 12:37 PM
Here is something that I wrote last sunday.

Soaring through the skies like a bird Emotion cruises by, reaches out and grabs hold of Mind. Reluctantly, Mind is taken along for the ride and tries to free herself. Shaking loose, Mind stops and catches her breath, as Emotion swirls, dips, and spirals in and out of control. In a flash, Mind pursues Emotion, Emotion runs away and a game of cat and mouse begins. The pace becomes frenzied. The duo take turns following and leading, back and forth, Faster and faster, twisting and turning wildly until everything becomes a blur. Mind catches up with Emotion and reaches for her hand. They connect briefly. Emotion wobbles, stumbles, falls, lands with a thump and bows to loss with a sigh. Mind pauses, looks, and extends a hand, coaxing Emotion back on her feet. As fingers entwine, Emotion steals a look at Mindís eyes. Mind lovingly looks back. Their eyes lock, and Emotion suddenly brightens like a beautiful sunrise and smiles back. Mind warmed her beauty, encourages Emotion to her feet. They stand and Mind steps forward, carefully leading Emotion in what begins to be a dance. Then, as if by magic, they waltz off to a symphony that brings clarity of thought to Mind, and calmness to Emotion. Itís like heaven on earth and they bask in the moment.