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04-07-09, 11:07 AM
my 13 year old daughter is taking focolin seems to be helping with school,but it doesnt seen to have any effect on her weight,which is disapointing.she weighs almost 200 lbs.when she was taking dexadrine,she wasnt hungry,and got down to 184,but it just didnt help her with school at all,thats why we changed her.when she comes home from school,she is starving,and eats all night.she acts more like herself on the focalin,but i was wondering if it is maybe a med that just doesnt cause weight loss like the others? she takes one 15mg focolin xr before school.should she maybe take an instant release tab after school? she either eats when she gets home,or she takes a nap,im wondering if another small dose might help?

04-07-09, 11:54 AM
probably helping yourdaughter change her eating habits and gettng her to exercise. What is your daughter eating when she gets home? Does she exercise at all?

I am dissapointed a mother is using medication for their kid to get them to lose weight. Weight loss cant be achieved in a pill, that should be obvious to you now.

04-07-09, 01:33 PM
probably helping yourdaughter change her eating habits and gettng her to exercise. What is your daughter eating when she gets home? Does she exercise at all?

I am dissapointed a mother is using medication for their kid to get them to lose weight. Weight loss cant be achieved in a pill, that should be obvious to you now.
i am not using medicine for her to loose weight.she has adhd, and was failing school before i had to put her on medicine,i was just hoping,being a stimulant, it would help her loose weight too.

04-07-09, 02:05 PM
i am not using medicine for her to loose weight.she has adhd, and was failing school before i had to put her on medicine,i was just hoping,being a stimulant, it would help her loose weight too.

Yes, you are. If you're hoping it will help her lose weight, then you're using the medication for weight loss. Yes, it's primary purpose is to help with the ADHD, but that doesn't change things. You admit yourself that you want to give her an extra dosage, not prescribed by her doctor, specifically to suppress her appetite in the evening.

Your daughter might eat less on stimulants, and thusly lose weight, but this is not healthy. What you're describing is binge eating after the medication wears off in the evening. You should NOT be giving her extra pills in the evening to prevent her from eating. This is an abuse of the medication, and extremely unhealthy.

As the poster above mentioned, you need to prevent her evening binge eating, talk to your doctor about a nutrition plan, and get her on a strict exercise regiment. This is the only healthy way for your daughter to lose the weight.

04-07-09, 03:27 PM
who is prescribing all these meds to you and your family? You and both your kids are taking meds for ADHD? That is difficult enough as it is. But now you expect a pill to help your daughter lose weight as well. that is really unhealthy. you as a parent should be helping her, instead of pushin pills on her.

04-07-09, 07:35 PM
Taking a stimulant after school probably wouldn't be a good idea. It might mess with her sleep.

These meds don't work that well for losing weight. The appetite reduction doesn't last long and you're even more hungry when it wears off. Just stopping eating is a poor way to lose weight over the long term anyway.

Please tell me you've seen a dietician about this already. Does she exercise? IT sounds like she might be eating so much because she's depressed. She might need to see a good psychologist to talk about it. Healthy eating habits and exercise are what helps over the long term - keep in mind some people just have a heavy build, they can be perfectly healthy and look overweight.

You have to be really careful here. If you obsess over her weight and act like its a bad thing it'll ruin her self-esteem. Teaching her that taking pills for weight loss is a good idea might encourage eating disorders or problems in the coming years.

04-07-09, 07:46 PM
I think people read about paris hilton and nicole richie amonst other hollywood stars using these drugs to lose weight. but I think they use a much higher dosage than what is prescibed and it is dangerous.

04-08-09, 10:03 AM
obviously,by the comments,my question did not come out right.i did not say shes taking meds to make her loose weight,and i certainaly wouldnt give her an extra pill without her phyciatrists permission.i just wanted a little advice before i went in to talk to the phyciatrist about things.he is the one who told me taking a stimulant should help a little with weight loss as an added benefit.he also just ordered that she take a 2.5 dose after school now, they have to order that,so she wont get to try it until next week.if that doesnt work,he talked about maybe adding wellbrutrin or prozac, for the possibility of low grade depression.and to clear things up,both my kids are NOT on meds.only me and my son is only 4,although they wanted to put him on adderall,i said no.he is way too young.adhd runs in my side of the family.

04-08-09, 11:16 AM
any medical professional that subscribes pills for weight loss for a little 13 year old girl IMO should loose their license. Has he not discussed a change of diet for her or exercise?

She mayhave ADHD, but you are saying he suggested she take 2.5 dose after school for weight loss. i am guessing so she doesn't over eat? maybe having better choices avalable for her when she comes home. Do you know what she eats when she gets home? Does she just sit? these are things you can help her change and much healthier for her in the long run.

04-08-09, 11:49 PM
Put the torches away villagers, there is nothing to get into a tizzy about. To the OP..if your daughter is eating like crazy or napping after school, know that is the come down (crash) from her meds. While yes, appetite suppression does occur, it only does so while the med is still in the system..when dosing wares off, the desire to binge eat, or doze off becomes very hard to resist. To prevent after school/evening binge eating try this..

Before giving her her meds..

Give her a good multi vitamin then Feed her a good healthy breakfast in the morning to begin her day. Avoid Orange Juice (or any acidic or vitamin c ladden juices) however unless she has time to eat at least an hour before she takes her Focalin. administer her med.
Pack her a lunch with healthy snacks and moderate calorie intake. Give her no money for school lunches as she will be likely to eat alot of empty calorie snacks..if she even feels like eating. If she has no appetite, at least she will have had a decent breakfast, and maybe a pudding cup, yogurt or pretzels that you have packed in her lunch.

When she returns home when the med begins to ware off, give her some little snack if she is hungry, but nothing more...she will ruin her dinner.

Try to keep her from taking a nap. If she takes a nap she is very likely to end up staying up very late and being very tired in the morning..if she is very tired in the morning the less her med will benefit her in her school day. To combat after school snoozing engage her in homework and chores designed to garner a reward of some type. Increase in allowance, a weekend movie where she can invite a couple of friends etc. This is an attempt to make her active in some way. Go out for a walk in the warm early evenings to come, or trick her entirely with a trip to the mall..the merchandise isnt free, but the walking will surely give you 'bond time'

at night prepare a healthy reasonably portioned meal for her. She can later have some sort of evening snack like fat free popcorn, pretzels, peanut butter and celery or apples etc..

if you keep her well fed thru the day, the less likely she will eat everything up in one setting in the evening. Hope this helps.

04-27-09, 09:11 PM

Sorry you were jumped on for this comment. It's a sensitive issue. If it helps, no, I have not noticed the weight loss associated with other ADHD meds. That being said, I do not rely on any medication for helping me maintain nutrition or fitness, AND fitness is a great form of release for many of us with "ADHD." Some times it helps to be in a comfortable environment, and starting out small helps as well. No one likes to be forced to do something they find difficult, and some people are simply more robust that others.

No matter what your daughter weighs, she just needs your support. Pure and simple. Best wishes.

05-01-09, 08:02 PM
My teen daughter is recovering from an eating disorder. It was not anorexia, nor bulemia, but a binge/starve syndrome. This has been an issue for over a year. She is NOT overweight, she is slender, but she won't believe it.

It was a hard decision for us to come to to treat her ADD with stimulants meds, but the psych (he's a great one) told us that daughter's anxiety MAY, as a side benefit, be treated by the ADD meds...she has been an extremelyt anxious child all her life, and the Eating Disorder was just another manifestation of her anxiety. He wants to see if the ADD meds help her with the anxiety; if not, then he will prescribe an anti-anxiety med..but one thing at a time, he says (and he's right).

He is monitoring her weight, and we have an agreement that daughter eats a healthy breakfast, a good dinner (by the time the med wears off she is pretty hungry!) and if she has a couple of snacks throughout the day--trail mix, yogurt,fruit, rice cakes--then we won't be concerned and "on her case".

I can say that daughter's appetite has decreased, but so, too has her preoccupation with food (guilt from eating too much) and her body.

I urge you to be very careful in encouraging your daugher to lose weight with meds. Yes, it can be a side benefit, but meanwhile, you may want to encourage your daughter to become more active.

It's been only 3 weeks on (two differnt kinds) of ADD meds but I do notice a difference in my daughter's overall happiness. She has been depressed for awhile, and I think that now the black cloud of hopelessness (due to ADD) is lifted so too, has the depression.

05-01-09, 08:17 PM
Does Foculin have less weight loss effect than other drugs? My child is very thin and on Foculin - she has always been thin - and this would be good news as she has a good appetite but I was worried she might lose that and too much weight.

05-03-09, 01:27 AM
Besides the fact that it's not the best idea to loose weight via anoretic drugs (you'll gain it back without PERMANENTLY changing the way you eat and introducing activity into your life), Focalin is one of the least anoretic "true" stimulants. It suppresses appetite significantly for the first two weeks or so. After that, I ate pretty much normally. I don't feel any anoretic effect anymore, I can eat a full dinner right after taking a focalin pill as it takes effect.

Adderall is more anoretic than Focalin, but you're really looking for which med provides better symptom control, right? Then you should really consider staying with the Focalin and helping your daughter loose weight in healthier ways since even Adderall given enough time will loose its anoretic effect. The only way for us not-naturally lucky people to be trim is to be conscious about eating and physical activity... nothing else will work long term.

I learned from phentermine something else too... when the stimulant wears off you get a STRONG desire to pig out. This is why docs don't like to use anoretics ... the abuse potential is actually less of an issue than just plain efficacy -- the stimulant only suppresses appetite WHILE IT'S WORKING. When it wears off, if you've got a crazy appetite, it comes back with a vengeance.

I was overweight up until 10th grade at which point I dropped from 180 to 115 pounds (I'm a guy, 5 foot 4 at the time) and I did it through excercise. I eventually went up to 125 pounds and stayed there for a long time... until I got on mirtazepine last year, then I bounced back up to 155 pounds (still not crazy overweight or anything, but I want to work back down to 130 lbs ... I'm 5 foot 6 now). It's tough with mirtazepine because that causes food cravings like nothing else I've experienced. Focalin's anti-hunger effect is futile against the pro-hunger effect of mirtazepine. I have to ramp up my diligence about food and exercise to compensate for mirtazepine... it's the only way.