View Full Version : Dysphagia

04-08-09, 03:14 PM
I went to see a regular MD today to get a ppd test (for TB) because of the program I'm going to needs to know of a negative TB reading before I can attend. Mom and I both mentioned to the doctor of my difficulty in swallowing and my mom wanted to be able to rule out other causes before deciding it's fully from the medicine that I take. I was evaluated and it was determined that I might have a possible dysphagia and to go for further testing and be seen by a GI doctor. I've lost more weight as a result of my trouble swallowing. I went from 135lbs to 132lbs in a matter from April 1st till today. It's a difficulty just to swallow food but not liquids.

What are some things I can do to make things more manageable?