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04-14-04, 09:47 AM
I've had symptoms of fibromyalgia for years, and I've always been intrigued by the way it co-occurs with other conditions. The ones commonly referred to as "the fibro five" are:
1. fibromyalgia
2. interstitial cystitis (an inflammatory bladder condition)
3. chronic fatigue
4. migraine headache
5. irritable bowel

In addition, I've seen it linked to endometriosis, allergies, TMJ, anxiety, depression, AD/HD, and "mental fog."

04-25-04, 06:42 PM
Is anyone on a treatment that works on all 5 of these conditions combined - if so please share your success or experiences.


08-14-04, 07:10 PM
I have all but one of them. :(
Chronic fatigue
Irritable bowel
Memory problems.

Also something else that is very common among people with Fibromyalgia is sinus infections. At first I thought it was just my allergies causing the multiple sinus infections then I came across and article on webmd about it.

And recently I have had problems with my ciatic nerve, the Dr. is telling me that the fibro is probably what is aggravating an already weakened area. So now I'm looking at having to have this treated on a regular basis because they tell me it won't go away ever again.

As far as treatment of all of these conditions, some meds help several but it usually is multiple meds for multiple conditions.