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04-13-09, 01:13 AM
I've started using a timer and takeing a 5min break every 30min and 20 every hour and a half when I do work (particularly writing papers) so I don't get caught up in things and lose sight of the larger picture. I'm starting to wonder if that is too short. What does everyone else do?

04-13-09, 02:51 AM
Great post asyouare405!

For me, I set target goals before I take breaks...when possible:p

*At work. I want to call 13 clients in one hour. When I make this goal, I will reward my self with a break. *stretch the legs*

*When I'm writing my weekly report, I already know how long it will take. When finished, I would take a break, before jumping on the next task.

* When I make appointments from those calls. I know that each appointment last 45 minutes.
That gives me 15 minutes to catch up on paperwork or take a nice 15 break, before my next appointment arrives. I love my appointment book :)

*In College. when I had a 10-20 page paper to write. I would take a break...If I felt exhausted or distracted, 20 minute break please.
I would then find something else to stimuate my mind..i.e..Food Court *yums* or a visit down the hall. Something, anything :eek: :)

If I was in the "groove", I'd continue to write without a break...
Yes! Breaks are really nice to take. :D

I think what works for you, go for it asyouare405!;)

I like your idea of a timer!!

Good for break time Yay!

Perhaps also a good tool for staying on course with writing your paper.

I wish I thought of that back yonder. There where times, I would drift.
If I had a timer, it would of helped me focus a bit more. :)

01-12-10, 06:54 PM
I generally do 50 minutes work, 10 minutes break when paying attention to it