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04-13-09, 11:11 PM
Well here I go again. I went to my first councling app today in eleven years and was disapointed because yhe sesson was only for an hour. It has been so long that I have gotten to talk to some one and I have so much to say and tell, and so many questions. I also found out that the doc has a hard time believing in ADHD. Damn it, it's not fair!!!! I have finaly found a madication that helps me in so many ways and can't find a doc to help me or believ me. It's like the harder ai try to help myself the harder it gets. I get road blocks every way I turn,I should be use to by now because it is the story of my life. I feel sad to the point of wanting to cry and feel sorry for myself. I just get so tired of struggling with every thing all the time. When I have my Ritalin I have no struggles or anxiety, no sadness and no confusion. Why can't I catch a break. I just want to be "normal" like everyone else. What I realy want is to be able to help my son so he won't have such a hrd life like me and some members of my family. I just feel frustrated and overwhelmed sometimes and have no one to listen to me or talk. I just had to get it all off my chest.

Old School MBD
04-14-09, 03:46 AM
Hang in there!!!!!

If you hve to, switch DR's!!

04-15-09, 10:42 AM
I second the opinion to find a new doc. My GP loaded me up on antidepressants with little adequate follow-up. I didn't start finding the right mix of medication until after I found a psychiatrist (through a referral from another -very- trusted physician) who was more interested in being thorough and understanding my situation. Unfortunately, he's not on my insurance plan, but I do get out-of-network coverage which helps take away some of the sting.

It can be painfully hard to find a good doc, but if you can spend the time and effort, the payoff is huge.