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04-14-09, 07:16 PM
So my son has been on another anti-psychotic (Zyprexa) plus a stim (Biphentin) and I find he's more aggressive!! When we reintroduced the Biphentin (30mg) with the Zyprexa (5mg) a week ago, we had 4 great consequtive days. Now he's back to the aggressive state. The Resperidone wasn't very affective at all and we discontinued it because of an increased heart rate. Then the Zyprexa was used and it didn't seem to make things any better. In fact, his behaviour is getting worse! Now we're doing the combo and he gets angry at the drop of a hat. Very moody. He has his very good moments and then his very "not so good" moments. He has now resorted to hitting/kicking me on a regular basis lately.. a behaviour I haven't seen in quite a long time. He is using the "F" word A LOT and just being explosive.

Scenerio #1: I took him to the movies yesterday and then we met up with my friend for dinner. All went really well until my friend f'ed up. She bought him an ice-cream cone and when she returned to him, she said, "oh it's soo small! I'll buy you another one later." :eek: Then later rolled around and because he was being offered another one, he demanded a larger one. I said no. She didn't have to buy him a second one and he should be happy with the one she was buying him. Still, he insisted he wanted a bigger one.. testing her boundaries. He started hitting/kicking me because he wanted a bigger one. After that, he lost the ice-cream all together. He finally settled down. We walked past a clocks/watches stand and said he "needed" one. I said no and reminded him of all the good things he was given that day but he insisted he was going to get one. Then my friend said, "It's ok. I can buy him one. I haven't seen him in a long time." grrrrrrr! NOT the point! Now I'm the bad guy .. hit/kick (again). Then she says, "It's ok" .. um, he just kicked/hit me for not getting a watch .. it is NOT OK. I knew it wasn't what she meant but I also knew my son thought she meant it was ok to hit/kick .. so he laughed as if he was given permission. Seriously, I wanted to hit HER! I clarified the confusion and she backed me up (finally). She's not a mom and I know she didn't mean any harm but you don't buy a kid a gift just because he wants it. The consequence of that was 1) Lose TV for a week (swearing) 2) Lose his remote control truck for a week (hitting/kicking). I also told him that the next time he hits/kicks me, I will sell his remote control truck. There is no/ands/ifs/or buts.. and he understood fully. I've already "sold" his Nintendo DS and games .. well, I've put it up on Craig's List for now. He walked through the whole process of it (taking pictures, downloading, writing a message, quoting a price). I'm going to hide it in my basement and if he ever questions why I still have it, I'll tell him I didn't get any offers. It will probably stay there for at least a year. Out of sight, out of mind.

Scenerio #2: He was allowed to bring 3 of his new hotwheels cars to daycare today. I told him, if he broke the rules (I specified) he would lose a car. On route he lost 1 out of the 3 and I told him he would get it back after school. He handled it rather well because he knew he could lose the other 2 if he didn't change his behaviour. After school, he asked if he could have it back and I gave it to him. He was happy. Then mid-way from our walk, he took his shoe off to remove a pepple stuck inside. When trying to put it back on, he had a LITTLE bit of trouble (as in, it didn't go on his foot within 5 seconds) so he kicked it across the field and said the F word. I took 1 car. I reminded him to change his behaviour so he could keep the other 2 cars .. but he claimed he did nothing wrong and it was an "accident" when he used the F word. Anyhow, things escalated, he lost all 3 cars and so he punched me on my shoulder. He has just lost his remote control truck. It will go up on Craig's list as well and I may very well sell it.

I'm also going to be starting an allowance for the chores he's doing around the house. I'm going to allow him one week to earn money per each day and then I'm going to start charging him everytime he swears, hits and kicks. I'll have to figure out the pricing. I can't keep selling his toys. I'm hoping 1) He will learn the value of money and save enough to buy certain things for himself 2) Put the money where his mouth is. He's not going to like paying for poor behaviour.

So tell me, what am I missing? For someone who is being medicated, how is it that he's spiralling downward instead of up? Seriously, we've had issues in the past but more so during his "cycles" which would last 1-3 weeks. Now, it's been going on for quite some time. There are a few good days here and there but nothing consistent. What's going on? Is he reacting to the meds? His psychiatrist is surprised that the Risperidone and Zyprexa isn't working as well as she thought. Any suggestions?

04-14-09, 10:35 PM
update .. (already)

Ok, so I was going to sell his remote control truck on Craig's list for $50 so I asked him if he wanted to buy it back for that price instead. He seems really keen on it. We've worked out the allowance situation for his daily chores and discussed how much it would also cost him to hit, kick, swear, etc. The ones i want to elliminate quickly are the most expensive items. I basically told him it was up to him how he wanted to spend his money. He could spend it on toys, books and fun items OR he could spend it on hitting, kicking and swearing. I've got him really excited about the potential of earning some of his own money. I'm also giving him a week head start so he can enjoy the money he'll earn this week .. an incentive .. before I start charging for his behaviours. We even went out and bought a book for record keeping LOL I figured, if he learns the process, he won't ask me to buy him things all the time. If he wants a Starbucks apple juice, he can buy one for himself.

04-16-09, 07:24 PM
so i took him off zyprexa last night (didnt give him the med) and today he seems rather calm. .. ?

04-17-09, 10:17 PM
so we had the appointment today with the psych. i told her i took him off zyprexa and she thought it was a good idea. judging from how she saw him today vs how she saw him 2 weeks ago, was a huge improvement, according to her. i feel like i have my kiddo back!! :) she also said that because he's not reacting to the stims, indicates that he doesn't have BP. she was surprised he reacted badly to the anti-psychotics and said he's the first child she's ever prescribed them that reacted in the way that he did. i wonder why that is.

anyway .. not that anyone responded to this thread .. im just venting. i guess no one had anything to offer with this one :(

04-23-09, 04:25 PM
Sorry no one responded sooner Box. I dont think this is a very active area of the site.

I dont have any medication advice, but I would like to recomend a book. It is called "dont swear with your mouth full" by Cary Chugh. You can buy it on his web site.

He offers a very insightful method of punishment. It has helped me quite a bit with my kids. Based on your description of your child, I think it might work well for him.

Glad the medication change is helping.

04-26-09, 01:21 AM
Thanks MG! I'll check it out next time I'm in Chapters (tomorrow possibly).

Update: My son has been off all antipsychotics now for about 10 or so days. It's been a blessing! Also, with the new allowance incentive, I charge him everytime he swears or uses an inappropriate word. It took a week to get an understanding of it .. and during a trial week where I didn't actually take any of the money away. Anyway, these behaviours have reduced significantly. In the 12 days since we've started this process, he's only used the F-word 4 times - 2 of which happened in one day. It's been 3 days since he's used ANY swear words or inappropriate words so I'd say this has been successful so far :)

I find that the anger has disappeared as well. He still gets upset over little things but it's quite a lot different. Now he'll cry or complain vs. scream, hit or swear. I think the medications had a lot to do with what was going on.

Having said all that, I still wonder how long this grace period will last. I still worry. Cross your fingers for me! and thanks for your reply. :)